Kate Jackson, founder of TableCrowd, has some wise words for her younger self.

“You’ll make many mistakes along the way, but won’t regret your choices”

Read Kate’s letter featured in the Guardian:


We’re fundraising on Crowdcube and if you’re a UK tax payer, you can receive 30% of your investment in TableCrowd back, thanks a generous tax incentive scheme set up by the UK Government.

It sounds too good to be true but we do speak the truth – read on!

1 – What is the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)?

EIS is a tax relief scheme that gives generous tax breaks to investors. If you’re eligible, you’ll get 30% of your investment back right away, with other benefits further down the line.

2 – Will my investment be eligible?

Both the company and you need to be eligible. The great news is that HMRC has already confirmed that TableCrowd is eligible! The basic rule for your eligibility is whether you pay income tax in the UK – in any way at all, whether income received through PAYE as an employee, a freelancer or self employed, through dividends etc.

Investments from £10 upwards qualify.

3 – What tax relief do I actually get?

You’ll be eligible for income tax relief, capital gains tax relief and loss relief.

An example is the easiest way to explain.

Income Tax Relief > If you invest £10,000, you’ll be able to set off £3,000 against income tax straight away. So that means either a cheque back from HMRC as tax rebate or your income tax being set off in the current tax year. We’ll advise you about this at the relevant time.

Capital Gains Tax Relief > If you later sell the shares for £100,000, you would usually have to pay capital gains tax on the gain (like you do for any asset that increases in value, a house for example). If eligible for EIS, you can sell your shares free of capital gains tax.

Loss Relief > If everything goes wrong, then you can claim loss relief at the rate you pay income tax. So for a 50% tax payer, if the value of your shares dropped to zero, you would get a further £3,500 rebate from HMRC (50% of your remaining £7,000 exposure after the income tax relief has been applied).

So on a £10,000 investment, the real exposure for an upper rate tax payer is £3,500, with the added benefit of selling the shares free from CGT later on.

You can scale this calculation up or down based on how much you plan to invest.

4 – How will I get the relief?

We do all the hard work and get you a certificate after the round closes in July. You’ll either send that certificate to your tax office to claim or if you file a tax return, you’ll enter the details online. You’ll then hear back directly from HMRC. It’s really straightforward, but we’ll be on hand to help at the relevant time!

5 – How does this work if I’m on PAYE?

To get your 30% tax rebate, you send your certificate to your local tax office who will then respond with a rebate cheque, or if you file a tax return online each year, you can enter the detail this way.

6 – How does this work if I’m not on PAYE?

Exactly the same as if you are (see above).

This is an overview of the rules, for more information please go here and please seek your own advice should you consider this necessary.

Ready to check out our fundraising plans on Crowdcube, go here. This is your opportunity to own shares in the company and we’d love to welcome you onboard as a shareholder.

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TableCrowd on Crowdcube

If you’re not familiar with crowdfunding and haven’t been to one of our dinners on that very topic, it’s a secure and safe way for people to invest in a business from £10 upwards.

After many years of focussing on the success of the businesses we support, we are now focussing on our own business goals. We want more people to experience effective and enjoyable networking.

We are raising £400k to 1) take the concept to key cities internationally (we have members from all around the world already and each month we get requests from people wanting us to take TableCrowd to their city) and 2) to build the tech we need to scale, including a new app.

The app will add a new part to our offering. It will not only give people access to our dinners but will also offer a quick and convenient way to secure a one on one meeting with our members. It will add control and purpose back into building your network – something that we believe is lacking.

As online networking continues to grow, so does the opportunity to turn those online connections into real life relationships. And that’s what we do! We’re looking forward to the next chapter.

We love for you to support us by making an investment. Everything you need to know is here. Or you can email any questions to us here.

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Sajni, Aneka, Claire, Kate, Violeta, Mandy & Josie


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We’ve been busy at TableCrowd HQ booking in some exciting speakers to dine with us and share their experiences. Take your pick and we’ll see you at the table!

On 5th April, JamJar Investments will be speaking after dinner about investing in consumer brands.

On 12th April, the Angel CoFund will be joining us to talk about how they work and how to attract investment from angels.

On 19th April, join the founder of BorrowMyDoggy for dinner, where she will be sharing her story and how she turned her passion into a business.

On 24th April, you can dine with letterbox delivery flower business, Bloom&Wild. Their brand and creative director will be talking about effective PR strategies.

On 25th April, the dinner conversation will be on the over 50s market. How to provide valuable products and services for baby boomers and relevant marketing strategies.

006 033 034

You can see all our upcoming dinners here.

We love hearing first hand from our members about their experiences at our dinners. It helps us do better – and it gives a useful insight into the experience for people thinking about dining with us. Great to hear from regular diner, Victoria Burlacu, founder of Faber Novella….


“There are so many events taking place in London that networking can easily turn into a full-time job. While I am a great believer in the power of networking, as an entrepreneur I quickly understood that I needed to be focused and disciplined if I wanted to benefit from networking and make relevant connections.

I first went to a TableCrowd dinner over a year ago. And since then I attended 4 events. What I like about the TableCrowd events is that the team works hard on bringing high quality speakers that are relevant for entrepreneurs, and that otherwise are difficult to get hold of. TableCrowd gives you the chance to meet in person that investor or journalist that never replied to your emails. And nothing beats that in person introduction or pitch.

The fact that each event is highly curated and concentrates on a specific industry or functional expertise fits perfectly with the focused approach I am taking when it comes to networking. As we are preparing to fund-raise soon, attending a networking dinner with Matt from Forward Partners was definitely a not to be missed event. It was a great opportunity to learn about Forward Partners’ unique approach to start-up investing, do’s and don’t when fund-raising. Matt provided the group with several insights from the VC world and how to think like from an investor’s perspective. Besides having the chance to pitch to Matt’s and have his valuable feedback in an informal and relaxed setting, it was great connecting to other entrepreneurs building exciting fashion tech business.

Another successful networking event by the TC team!”

By Victoria Burlacu, founder of Faber Novella, on-line atelier for premium quality Italian-made customisable shoes.

See what’s coming up next!

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Send your feedback to hello@tablecrowd.com.

1000 Minds is a new dining club on TableCrowd. The driver has been requests from our community, primarily our speakers, who have asked for more intimate dinners tailored to them. So, voila!

Enjoy dinner drinks and a chance to meet… 
On the invite list are people making their mark, whether business owners, C-level executives, influencers, experts or just very well connected. They all believe success is more likely with the support of others and they value other peoples’ objectives as well as their own.

How does it work…
The dinners are invite only to people that have spoken at our dinners, have dined with us or are connected with the team. We know everyone, so we know that you’ll enjoy spending an evening with the others around the table, as well as really benefiting from having them in your network.


Una 1000 Minds

See what’s coming up on TableCrowd and join us.

We always enjoy reading about our dinners through the eyes of our members and this write-up is no exception!


“Anyone who runs a business will quickly discover what their most valuable asset is – time. Balancing time and choosing where to spend those extremely rare spare bits is a challenge at best, especially when it comes to networking.

But when the opportunity comes along to have dinner with Carlos Espinal, Partner at Seedcamp, you can find time.

Carlos is no doubt a man who receives a relentless barrage of emails and LinkedIn messages from entrepreneurs vying for his attention (and money). So to be able to head along to a small dinner and sit opposite him whilst having a relaxed discussion around everything startup and raising money is a rare opportunity and only one that TableCrowd could put together.

Running a digital agency and growing organically through acquiring new clients, I didn’t head along to this dinner because I wanted to raise money from a VC. I was there because, like every other TableCrowd dinner I have been to, I knew how much I would learn, how many business war stories I would share and how many fascinating connections I would make – innovative people doing interesting things, from which I would learn a great deal and with whom there is huge potential to work with in the future. And I wasn’t wrong.

Hearing Carlos share his thoughts on the world of venture capital was extremely insightful. In particular watching a few of the businesses in the room pitch him before he used his framework to restructure and rebuild their pitches on the fly was impressive, and particularly useful personally given that we go through similar workshops with our clients at the start of a new website project at 93digital.

Dinner with Carlos was yet another perfect TableCrowd event, and I’m already looking forward to my next.”

Alex Price, Founder & MD at 93digital.

You can see what’s coming up soon here.

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