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Our love of food and fine dining dates back to Ancient Rome. This important aspect of human social interaction has, consequently, had an age to develop, mature, and be a way of life. With such a diverse culture within the city of London we are privileged to hold so many different eateries to choose from. The recent trend is to offer something unique, whether it be the food we eat, the environment we eat in or a quirky blend of both.

Dining in Ancient Rome

Have you ever thought of dining in the dark? If not you may want to think again. Ever heard of one sense being heightened when another doesn’t function as it should? Well Dans Le Noir captures the unusual and offers us something intriguing. You eat in the pitch dark (which for some may be exactly what’s required on a date) and are served by partially-sighted or blind people. Extract the sense of sight and the taste buds have the potential to go into overdrive. Dividing food groups in the simple – meat, vegetarian, and seafood lovers, the menu is a surprise as is the idea you are genuinely in an environment that, to those with full site, is unusual.

Dans Le Noir

From the dark to an abundance of light comes Gilgamesh. Referred to as an ‘epic’ restaurant it screams Babylonian environment anywhere and everywhere you are seated. The retractable roof allows light to flood in and increases the feeling of generous space. This is extravagance at it’s best. It’s glamorous and contemporary, visually stunning and, as yet, you’ve not even seen the menu! Head Chef Ian Pengelley offers a Pan Asian masterclass selection (you can see the man at work from the main restaurant). With entertainment that matches the bar and lounge’s decor, Gilgamesh is an awe inspiring evening never to forget.

Gilgamesh Restaurant

So having touched upon the dark to the boundless light why not step off Tera Firma altogether and head out to sea for a uniquely satisfying dining experience. The view, of course, ever changing as you navigate your way down a wonderfully lit Thames enjoying fresh scenery. These cruises will take you past the Houses of Parliament, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, the Docklands and the Millennium Dome. Visit Thames Dinner Cruise – their menu is excellent. Captain Ahoy! Mine’s the Grilled Mullet washed down with a nice red and a Bitter Almond Crème Brûlée for dessert. How about you?

Thames Cruise

The sun has finally ventured out, the shorts are on, the flip flops have made their way out from under the bed and of course the beers are on ice.  So what is that smell that gets everyone excited for summer?  The notorious scents of summer include the smell of fresh cut grass and most importantly the smell of smoke bellowing from the BBQ grill; accompanied of course by the bright sunshine.

One of the great joys of summer is sparking up the barbie, hurling your dinner over the coals and getting some friends round to quench the fire with plenty of cold drinks. It’s not uncommon to hear men say that cooking a barbecue is a ‘real man’s’ job, not for the feint hearted or for latte drinkers. It’s a place for the man to showcase his skills to friends and family and in many cases is probably the only type of cooking a ‘real man’ will do.

But does this hold up under scrutiny. Read on for an interesting take on the preparation and execution of a great barbeque…

  1. The woman goes to the supermarket to buy the meat.
  2. The woman chops the veg and makes the salad.
  3. The woman prepares the meat for cooking, organises the tongs, skewers and forks, and takes the meat to the man, who is relaxing near the BBQ, drinking a beer.
  4. The man decides it’s time to add the meat on the grill.
  5. The woman goes inside to prepare the table and fix the guests with their drinks.
  6. The woman comes back out to tell the man that the meat needs turning and is burning.
  7. The man removes the meat from the BBQ and hands it to the woman.
  8. The woman prepares the plates and brings them to the table.
  9. After eating, the woman clears the table and washes up.
  10. The man asks the woman “did you enjoy your night off?”

Sound familiar to you? Enjoy your BBQ at the weekend….

Have you ever been unable to eat a food based on its outlandish name? Well, after ordering a spotted dick at the weekend, I was not put off by the name but more intrigued. I’ve had spotted dick before but this time after devouring this famous British dessert, I thought I would discover the reasons for its name.

As many of you know spotted dick is a British steamed suet pudding (that ‘must’ be eaten with custard) consisting of dried fruits including raisins and currants. My research suggests that no one actually knows where the name stems from. Some say that the word ‘spotted’ relates to the dried fruit and ‘dick’ may be reference to the word pudding or an exploitation of the word. Others say ‘dick’ for dough? So what do you say?

Take a look at some other unusual amusing food names here: “10 Crazy Food Names Explained” courtesy of Zagat

Can you think of any that may put you off?

So this is how it is, whenever you stumble across a restaurant that has a memorable name, whether it be rude, clever or funny, with today’s technology you have the means of sharing it with others.  So I thought I’d have a Google for some funny restaurant names in the UK.

I often wonder if this is part of their business plan to come up with a funny restaurant name to get the punters in.  Would you like to eat in a restaurant named after female parts?  Well I certainly know some people that would.  Here are a few of our favourite funny restaurant names in the UK. Tell us what you think.  Have you been to any?


The next batch of funny restaurant names I shall bringing to you are from around the world.  Now these, as you would expect are in a different league.


The Hype versus Reality.

I get strangely drawn to the hype of some new eatery, bar, theme or event. So ‘Burger and Lobster’ alerted the radar. Then I got distracted, caught up in something else, and the cow and seafood delights had to wait. First thing first, I like the idea of lobster and chips, I do, but then if a chef is proficient enough to cook up a lobster then what would their burgers taste like? This 50/50 was slowing becoming the agony of choice. But hark! What on earth was I thinking? I had a partner in crime. She could try one dish and I the other.

Here’s information I’ve gleaned so far.

Excellent quality for a great price – 20 hard earned pounds for either food of choice. Whereas that is a steal for decent lobster (remember where we are ladies and gents, Mayfair.) isn’t this a little OTT for a burger? We’ll have to see.
‘Utterly amazing presentation.’ ‘Exquisite attention to detail.’ Impressed by these words? I am. A place in Mayfair that you don’t need to/can’t make reservations. A double edged sword me thinks. It’s said the decor is also a refreshing change to the norm. In the day its flooded my natural light, no less. But what of the drinks? Well, you can wash these tasty delights down with a handsome, competitively priced, cocktail designed by Soul Shakers. I’m seriously eager now.


Burger and Lobster gets an enthusiastic two thumbs up (even though there was a wait of up to 3 hours). On arrival we had to pop our mobile number down to be contacted when space became available. This proves a healthy interest in the bar but also a lengthy wait. Not ideal but we, fortunately, had a little time to spare. We chose about half 6 on a Friday so possibly to be expected.

Greeted by Friendly staff and shown to our seats I was impressed by the decor. Wooden paneled floors and walls resembling, to me, a plush Swiss skiing cottage. Red sofas and accompanying chairs offer a comfy space and the place is well lit. To define it as solely a bar for a date, a night out with friends or even to stage a larger party would be wrong. It’s the sort of place that can cater for all of these and therefore makes it a choice for all occasions.

The food – Delish. The lobster mildly smoked and expertly cooked. Soft. Nearly raw if you like it that way. The burger oozing flavoursome juices. Beefy beef. The Yorkie bar of the beef world. The presentation – 10/10.

TableCrowd verdict: Mmm Delish


I didn’t partake in a cocktail but my partner did. On recommendation from a friend she had the Riesling Smash (Pink Grapefruit one of her faves). The eyes and facial expression said it all.

We’re going back. Soon.