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What is your favourite tipple? Is it beer, red wine or even a classic margarita cocktail? This infographic courtesy of HereIsTheCity is all about what your drink says about you.

‘I can’t believe that I personally am a bit classier than the guy drinking domestic beer and maybe a bit of a snob!’ What does yours say?

Do you love wine? Know a bit or maybe want to increase your knowledge? Interested in BYO restaurants, food and wine dinners or travelling to different wine regions? Then how about joining our Wine Lovers Crowd on TableCrowd.


Have you dusted off your chisels and knives yet? Are you ready to show off your creative pumpkin carving skills for Halloween 2012? If not, we’ve selected some of our favourite pumpkin carvings / art to inspire you. Take a look and Happy Halloween.

If you think you have bettered these pumpkin carvings, be sure to send them in to us, we’d love to share them.

As you know Monday nights are when you want to sit back relax and celebrate the fact you made it through the worst day of week. The best way to unwind on a Monday night has to be with your favourite comfort food. Comfort food is simply prepared and gives a sense of wellbeing, which is why this week at TableCrowd we have selected the classic Sausage and Mash for our ‘Monday Night Comfort Food’. It’s a traditional recipe and loved by many.

Here is our favourite Bangers and Mash recipe by Merrilees Parker:

900g/2lb floury potatoes, peeled and cubed
1 tbsp sunflower oil
1 large onion, finely chopped
1 tsp Dijon mustard
½pint chicken stock (from a stock cube)
1 tsp gravy browning (optional)
8 pork sausages
50g/1½oz unsalted butter
50ml/2fl oz double cream or milk
1 tbsp each, fresh parsley and chives
3 spring onions, finely chopped
1 tbsp olive oil

For the rest of the recipe please follow this link: Bangers with herby mash and onion gravy

If you have a favoured comfort food please share it with us, we’d love to hear from you.

cheap Toprol Xl

I had never eaten Crocodile or Kangaroo, so when I sat down to inspect the menu, I knew from the outset I was in for a new culinary experience of some kind – good, bad or strange, was yet to be decided.

The table was one of our Hungry Romantic tables, and we were 5 intrepid explorers venturing forth to discover whether the exotic could be erotic. As a venue Archipelago is cozy and eclectic, the walls strewn with ornaments from the orient and beyond and the tables decorated with designed but mismatching glassware. When the waitress delivered my beer and began to pour it into the glass, I flinched to grab it from tumbling over, until I realized that the base was set at a 20 degree angle – a glass built like the Leaning Tower of Pisa is as unusual drinking experience in itself.

Eager to try new things, I ordered crocodile wrapped in vine leaves to start and spiced kangaroo for main. The crocodile was fantastic – to my mind it tasted at once like chicken and tuna (others disagree). However, the kangaroo was disappointing, I don’t think the ‘meat’ itself is a great one, tough, sinewy, no real flavor – caked in spices, it came across as poor meal dolled up in exterior flavor.

Overall, I would go again. Zebra still lurks un-tasted.

Fluid in Smithfield Market – oooh those chicken katsu rolls.

Fluid; a regular lunchtime haunt when I worked by Barbican and now, not frequented enough by me, mainly due to not being in my immediate eye sight or on a direct bus line from my door. Convenience is key in my world. It was a craving for the chicken katsu rolls that I’ve only ever seen on a sushi menu here, that enticed me back to Smithfield Market.

With low deep seats you sink into, dark decor and low lighting. I can never decide whether its aiming for romantic, cosy or specifically targeting those with hangovers. It works for the latter (or it did that day), and we whiled away longer than usual ordering enough sushi for six, for just three of us – including, of course, a double portion of the chicken katsu rolls.

Fluid is a totally multi purpose venue. One of my favourite lunchtime retreats, an always busy bar on the less socialable nights of the week when I probably shouldn’t be out and a pre-clubbing drinks spot with Fabric a stone’s throw away. And on top of all that, it serves great cocktails, has retro arcade machines and makes the barman’s work lighter by having beer vending machines… (true).

Somewhere to try; nearest tubes are Farringdon and Barbican.

We had some tickets for the ‘Tent and Super Brands London’ exhibition a couple of weeks back and for some crazy reason we headed down to Brick Lane a week prior to the actual exhibition. We were on top of the Old Truman Brewery (where the exhibition was held) and couldn’t see any kind of signage. After some casual frustration we checked the tickets. Wrong weekend. Doughnuts. Oh well, whilst in Brick Lane do as the……..Bricklanians?

We grabbed a quick drink then headed for a nibble just round the corner. Near the bottom end of Hanbury Street, opposite Al Volo and next door to The Big Chill Bar sits “The Orange Buffalo”. If you know the area you’ll know it, no doubt. 6 wings for £6, with two choices – Original and Hot (or as the OB names it ‘Woof Woof’).

We got six of each and shared them. One of us had already been a couple of times. I hadn’t so was looking forward to a bit of woof woof. I’m always likely to be biased when it comes to meat on the bone, especially chicken wings. They were pretty tasty. I’d have liked a slightly louder bark on the hot ones, to be truthful, but then that’s me. I like things spicy. Oh, you can get chips too. The sauce is a blue cheese dip with small chunks of cucumber and served with some sticks of celery.

As we sat on the bench outside there was a realisation that this place is a buzz with people, as it is every weekend. It’s a great place to meet and eat.

We returned the next week (when exhibitors were actually exhibiting) but shouldn’t ever need an excuse for a trip down Brick Lane.

It’s likely we’ve all had a lovely curry in the area but if anyone knows of a nice little eatery around and about then share with us, if we like it we’ll blog and give you a mention.

After trawling through the creative world of Vimeo, I stumbled across an amazing, well shot compelling short film. It’s an amalgamation of world cultures served on a variety of plates. It is well worth a view and it’ll leave you feeling hungry!


EAT from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage… all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food ….into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films…..
= a trip of a lifetime.

Since the TableCrowd blog; Egalitie, Fraternity, And A Slice Of Cheddar: On London Burgers was published last week, I have made it my mission to take on ‘The Devastator Burger’ at Red Dog Saloon on Hoxton Square. I will be rallying some troops and encouraging them to join me on a Man Vs Food style challenge in the very near future – well, after a month or two of solid preparation and marathon training!

The “Red Dog Saloon” in Hoxton distinguishes itself through the values of pigging-out and competitive eating; their three-tier Devastator Burger looks to be of about the same size and nutritional content of Marlon Brando!’

In my quest, I decided to seek competitive advantage over my peers by tracking down a small selection of blogs relating to the Devastator Burger. Of course, the whole motive behind my search is a selfish one. Previous challengers have shared some great insights and some useful tips in how to make it a successful date with Gluttony. Anyway, if you’re thinking of taking on this mammoth quest, take note of these guys, you could learn a lot:

‘Primed and ready, David and I did some Challenge prep by stretching and loosening our belts a notch. Next time, we’ll wear sweat pants or loose fitting athletic shorts.’ via Joe The Explorer.

“I settled for a ‘Punisher’, which looked like a kids meal in comparison.  I made up for the calorie difference by ordering an Oreo milkshake too.” via Accordion Apparel.

“A quick bit of James Bond-style investigation on the challenge confirmed the worst; that it wasn’t just the burger that needed to be consumed in 10 minutes.” via The Funky Truth.

‘This is not going to go well. Look at me, ferchrissakes. I look like Mr Muscle impersonating Jack Whitehall!’ via TimeOut London.

So, if these blogs have inspired you take on the Devastator Burger as well, then why not think about starting your own ‘Table’ or better still your own ‘Crowd’, then you can share your experiences and excitement with other TableCrowd members.

If you successfully win on the burger challenge, please share it with us, if not don’t bother (chuckles) … Good Luck!