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Following the meeting and eating at TableCrowd’s Food Startups Meet & Eat and TableCrowd & SilkFred’s Fashion Startups Meet & Eat, we are pleased to announce a date for Startup Women ‘Meet & Eat’. The third dinner in this series will take place on 14th August 2013 at Central Working, Google Campus.

The first 2 dinners in the series were a great success; you can read the write ups, here and here.

Startup Women ‘Meet & Eat is an invite only event, where all the attending startups are inviting a journalist or blogger as their guest.

The dinner will be a great networking opportunity for some of London’s most exciting female led startups to meet, share contacts and help each other out. For journalist and blogger guests that are invited to join, it will be a chance to meet everyone on the scene in one night over a tasty dinner.

We’re just finalising the guest list and it will be announced soon.

Event sponsors: Taylor Wessing Start-Up Direct

Artwork sponsors: nerv

All enquires regarding this dinner should be sent to

You may have heard that Time Out has launched a loyalty card for their community. Cardholders can now enjoy exclusive access to discounts and special offers across London.

One of the benefits of the card will be exclusive networking for cardholders in a private “Crowd” on TableCrowd. Time Out and TableCrowd will be taking cardholders on a tour of London top 50 restaurants, as determined by Time Out.

Not only will they be treated to delicious food from London hot spots like The Hawksmoor, Hakassan & Fino, they will also be meeting other cardholders and growing their social circles – in true TableCrowd style.

We’re excited!

So how do you get involved in social dining with TableCrowd & Time Out? You need to be a cardholder to join the Crowd and the Tables. You can get your card here. Then all you do it book onto one of the upcoming Tables, with more dates to be released soon.

Click the images below to check out what’s coming up:

Watch this space for announcements of other partnerships that are simmering along nicely at TableCrowd HQ.

“A dinner for London’s fashion startups to break bread, network, share contacts & experiences”

Oh, what a night! Last night we teamed up with fashion startup SilkFred, to host “Fashion Startups Meet & Eat” at Central Working in Google Campus. It was the second in a series of industry dinners, following on from TableCrowd’s Food Startups “Meet & Eat” last month.

21 diners joined the dinner comprising some of London’s most exciting fashion startups, as well their journalist, PR & blogger guests. For the startups, it was a great networking opportunity and for their guests, a one off opportunity to meet everyone on the scene in one night.

TableCrowd was joined by:

– SilkFred
– Upper Street
– Chloe Digital
– Netrobe
– Rentez-Vous
– Designer Look Book
– Connected Generation
– EditD
– Bossa Studios
– Elie C Atelier
– Tech City News
– Entrepreneur Country
– London Fashion Bloggers
– Like Love Buy
– Lion’s Cage
– & Various fashion bloggers

There were reception drinks and a chance to mingle before sitting to feast on a summer picnic spread. Both TableCrowd and SilkFred as hosts gave short introductory talks as did Karolina Plent from Taylor Wessing, the event sponsors. Taylor Wessing is an international law firm with specialist tech knowledge and thankfully for the budding entrepreneurs in and around Tech City, it has a team of lawyers helping start-ups. It also has a dedicated microsite called “TWTechFocus” which contains free investment related documents that highlight key funding issues for entrepreneurs. Karolina is a Senior Associate at Taylor Wessing, with a fashion & retail specialism.

After everyone had eaten and drunk their fill, we took turns for each diner to take a few moments to introduce themselves, their startup and their connection with the fashion world.

A massive thanks to artwork sponsor, nerv and event sponsor Taylor Wessing for being part of the second in series of dinners for startups. Thanks also for Central Working for being tremendous hosts. The next dinner in the series will be on 14 August and will be for women startups, full details to be announced soon.

If you want to get in touch about our industry startup dinners, you can reach us at or tweet us @tablecrowd #TCMeetandEat.

Some photos for you to enjoy!

More and more of our members are taking the plunge and organising their own social dining experience on TableCrowd. Why? Well, it means they can choose the restaurant (their fav or somewhere local), on a date that suits them and with a theme of their choice. Our technology connects seamlessly with over 3,000 UK restaurants, providing real time booking. This makes it really convenient and easy to use. Users can start a table in seconds and leave the rest to us – we increase the booking size automatically based on how many people join the table. Pooja Dhiman organised a dinner around the topic of meditation and this is how it was for her.

“I hosted my first TableCrowd table in April and I themed it around my biggest passion: meditation. I’ve always wanted to teach people about meditation and mindfulness and I thought this would be a great way to get started on that journey. I also loved the TableCrowd concept and wanted to try it.

We had dinner at Fire and Stone in Covent Garden, How to be happier and go for your dreams. The venue is buzzy and has a great pizza menu, so it was perfect for a group. I was definitely a little nervous before I got there but once I arrived and introduced myself to the other diners, it was absolutely fine and we had fun. For me, it was great to meet new people and to actually be able to talk and engage over something we were all interested in.

We discussed some of the misconceptions people had about meditation and I suggested some easy techniques for people to start with, just to try it out. I also talked about my own experiences and how meditation and mindfulness has made me happier and more successful. I am launching a business about mindfulness and so hosting a table was the perfect way to dip my toe in the water and get some informal feedback about what people think meditation and mindfulness is. Without TableCrowd I wouldn’t be able to meet these people and if I did, we may not get the chance to talk like this, so I got a lot out of it and I think the other diners did too. We even started a Meditation Crowd on the website, which is another brilliant way of connecting with people and I found out later that lots of people wanted to attend the dinner and would like me to host another evening.

TableCrowd is a brilliant forum for putting your passions into action and engaging with people over one of life’s simplest pleasures: food! I’m really glad I hosted a table and to anyone thinking of starting a business, or just looking to go outside their comfort zone and meet new people, you will love getting involved with TableCrowd.

I’ll be organizing another dinner very soon and who knows, maybe in future we can have a TableCrowd meditation event!”

Pooja has organised another dinner. This time it is about meditation and mindfulness and she is linking it especially to food. Check it out here: Mindful Eating and Weight Loss – how meditation can help

If you want to write about your experiences on TableCrowd, please get in touch,

After the success of TableCrowd’s Food Startups Meet & Eat, we are pleased to announce the second in a series of industry dinners at Central Working, Google Campus on 17th July 2013. Fashion Startups ‘Meet & Eat is an invite only event, where all the attending startups are inviting a tech or fashion journalist or blogger to join as their guest.

The dinner will be a great networking opportunity for London’s hottest fashion startups to meet, share contacts and help each other out. For journalist and blogger guests that are invited to join, it will be a chance to meet everyone on the scene in one night over a tasty dinner.

At TableCrowd we know about meeting & eating, but we don’t know that much about fashion, which is why we have teamed up with Emma Watkinson at SilkFred. SilkFred is a platform that provides online & offline routes to market for independent fashion brands. They are making a splash in the fashion tech space and recently launched a funding campaign on Crowd Cube.

Artwork sponsor: nerv

Event sponsor: Taylor Wessing

You can click here to view the dinner on TableCrowd.

For enquires about this TableCrowd & SilkFred dinner, please get in touch at