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Today’s guest post comes from Claire Warburton. Claire is a Physiotherapist and has written a piece on what types of food are best for your body and it’s recovery. Enjoy;

When you eat do you consider what is happening in your body and why we are eating in the first place? I’m guessing most of you will answer no and to be honest you’re not wrong! However, this article aims to slightly alter your way of thinking. All processes that happen in the body require energy. In a nutshell we get this energy from our food, but do we consider what types of food are best? On the whole we go with what we fancy and why shouldn’t we? We work hard, some of us train hard and we deserve a treat now and then! But is this treat a treat for your body I ask you. (Sorry, couldn’t resist this image!)

you are what you eat

Healing is one of the body processes I’ve mentioned. It is continuous. As I’m sitting here my body is repairing. This may be from the exercise I did this morning or it may be as a result of sitting for too long in this chair – the possibilities are endless. The body has a cycle of events that it goes through to heal itself. Firstly the body returns itself to equilibrium. If you have a muscle tear or even a cut then this will be the clotting process that happens. Next the inflammatory process occurs; swelling. Fluid rushes to the injured area to wash away the injured or dead cells to allow room for new ones. New cells are then produced in their place and gradually over time these new cells are modelled to take on the same structure and make-up of the original ones.

foodd vitsand mins

So if healing is such a continuous process we need to know what helps this, right? Well of course we do. Vitamins and minerals are essential for our body. In the table below is a breakdown of the main ones, their roles and where we can find them as part of healthy diet.

Vitamins & Minerals

Where to find it 

Vitamin A 
Fights diseases with the immune system
Helps repair tissue and form bone
Helps the body use protein effectively
Beef, Chicken liver, Milk, Butter, Cheese, Eggs, Apricots, Nectarines, MelonCarrots, Sweet Potato, Spinach
Vitamin B 
Growth and repair
Provides normal body function
Specifically B12 for healthy bone marrow
Liver, Fish, Red Meat, Poultry, Milk, Eggs, Cheese, Spinach, Broccoli, Kale
Vitamin C 
Development of collagen
Required for cells to form into tissue
Important for the healing process
Strength of bones and other tissues
Strawberries, Kiwi fruit, Oranges, Grapefruits, Tomatoes, Broccoli, Spinach, Red and Green Peppers, Sweet and White Potatoes
Vitamin D 
Calcium absorption
Development of strong bones
Prevention of Osteoporosis
Egg yolks, Fish oils, Sunlight
Vitamin K 
Needed for bones to use calcium
Keeps bones strong and healthy
Liver, Pork, Spinach, Broccoli, Kale, Dairy Products
Helps cells receive oxygen and remove carbon dioxide
Liver, Pork, Fish, Shellfish, Red Meat, Poultry, Eggs, Lentils, Beans, Soy, Grains, Spinach, Kale, Broccoli
Aids relaxing and contracting of muscles
Maintains muscle tone and bone density
Aids body in its use of protein
Whole grains, Whole grain breads, Beans, Seeds, Nuts, Avocados, Bananas, Kiwi Fruit, Shrimp, Potatoes, Spinach, Kale, Broccoli
Bone health and mass
Prevention of Osteoporosis
Yoghurt, Cheese, Milk, Tofu, Spinach,Broccoli, Kale, Peas Peanuts, Sesame Seeds, Almonds, Black Beans,Baked Beans, Salmon, Sardines, Brown Sugar

Now you know where to find it, bear in mind what you’re eating and when and maybe consider altering your food choices from the menu next time you have an injury. Give your body the best chance to get through each day, let alone recover from an injury.

claire warbuton

Claire Warburton – MCSP, HCPC, BSC Hons Physiotherapy
Physiotherapist at BodySync

Why not tweet Claire @Cawarbu or email her at if anyone has any questions.

Fancy joining a dinner next week to talk about healthy eating and exercise?  Join Karmen Pi  – personal trainer and pilates instructor for a delicious selection of nutritious food and drinks at Down To Earth Restaurant in Kensington here.


Last night we hosted TableCrowd’s Sharing Economy Startups “Meet & Eat” at Central Working in Google Campus. A ‘shared’ workspace seemed like the perfect place for this dinner to happen!

sharing economy brand

Each startup ‘shared’ their contacts and invited a journalist or blogger guest to join the dinner (the theme is sharing, in case you hadn’t noticed). We were joined by some of the most exciting startups in the space:

Drummond Gilbert from goCarShare joined us. goCarShare allows people to share car journeys. The passenger gets a ride to their destination, the driver earns some extra cash for taking them, and they both get to meet new people through taking the journey together.

We were also joined by Scott Collen from Sooqini – “the place to get things done”. You can list any job or task that you need doing, however big or small, together with how much you’d pay to get it done, and someone nearby can do that job or task for you.

Ben Pugh from FarmDrop joined the dinner. FarmDrop connects producers with local customers and allows them to purchase goods directly. Their mission is to create a more sustainable food system.

Madeline Ito was representing onefinestay. Their platform allows guests to stay in someone else’s house whilst the owner is out of town. It’s as easy to book as a hotel, but it has a level of service over and above a hotel, including recommendations, which allows the guest to feel less like a tourist during their stay in that city.

It was nice to see Warren Heal from RentMyItems, a platform which allows users to make extra cash from renting unused household items, or conversely rent, rather than buy, an item they need to use.

Moray Coulter from We Can Go Dutch joined us. They offer a free crowd-funding service, which allows users to share the cost of an event with friends or with a group of like-minded people.

Sarah Hughes’ project is Fiz. It’s a free service that helps users make the most of their precious leisure time by helping them find places to visit that match their leisure needs, nearby or anywhere in the world.

Sarah Henderson joined us from Echo (Economy of hours). Echo provides a new spin on business, by trading in time and skills rather than cash. Hour for hour, you can give your skills in return for someone else’s.

Last but not least, we were joined by Logan Hall from Movebubble. For owners, renters and traders, Movebubble is a community marketplace where they can advertise, find and maintain homes easily.

We were also joined by some really interesting journalists and bloggers, including, amongst others, TechCityNews, TechCityInsider, The Wall, Clarity PR, Channel 4, Bootstrapped PR & Evening Standard.

Central Working really looked after us! Welcome drinks! Table football! We then dined on rolled chicken valentine stuffed with slow roasted tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, wrapped in parma ham, with potato dauphinaise and Autumn greens. They were even unfazed when a certain person attempted (by mistake) to steal one of the tester phone handsets. Naming no names 🙂

Thanks to everyone that was part of the dinner, it was great to ‘share’ a meal with you, and thank you to artwork sponsors, nerv, for their continued support with our “Meet & Eat” dinners.








The next dinner in the series is for travel startups on the 19th November. Please get in touch if you would like to attend at or @tablecrowd

You can read about our previous ‘Meet & Eat’ dinners here.


We’re currently neck deep working on our iPhone app (we know, we know, it’s about time). Thanks to Iggy Hammick, Alok Matta and  Thomas Mason who joined our lunchtime “Testing & Tapas” lunch last month to look at a very raw early version and to offer thoughts and feedback. We’d love to hear your views, so if you’d like to get an early look and have your say in what we’re doing, please get in touch – @tablecrowd

We’re over the moon to have been asked to both exhibit and pitch at the Global Web Summit in Dublin at the end of October. We’ll be joining a bunch of other startups showing our wares and battling it out on stage in the pitch competition. Dublin is going to be bursting at the seams, but we managed to book some bargain digs on Airbnb. We were asked to speak at their last community meeting to help community leaders use the ‘groups’ functionality and received a kind gift of a voucher for our next Airbnb stay. Very timely!

TableCrowd Startup Women Meet & Eat was great fun to be part of. We had a tremendous line up of startups and their press and blogger contacts. Nice to see write-ups on The Wall, Upper Street and Chloe Nicholls blog following the event. Julian Blake from Tech City Insider joined the dinner and we met the following week for an audio interview about TableCrowd. We are now part of the Tech City Insider 100!

We were invited to pitch at the Digital Entrepreneur dinner event at Adam Street private members’ club. A community already sold on meeting over food (this was a good start!). It was an opportunity to tell more people about TableCrowd and get feedback on our concept and plans. It was great to be part of the event. Congats to My Bubbles who raised funding off the back of their pitch at this event!

Popped into Digital Dumbo (focused this time around digital apprenticeships for local young people) before heading to the Casa Negra for a women in tech dinner hosted by Balderton. A really great evening surrounded by a very inspiring and successful bunch of ladies, plus just one gent from Balderton.

We were invited to General Assembly to speak to their digital marketing class. Also speaking was Zoe Arch of Craft Candy, Charlotte Henry, journalist at The Wall, Tiffany Philippou from onefinestay, Chloe Nicholls from PublicBeta and Robyn Exxon from Dattch. Nice to catch up with everyone, meet the students and eat Pizza!

Back to work! Hi ho hi ho….

Join our Startup Engine dinner this week with Rachel Cheal of The Growth Lab. Your chance to ask questions of an experienced finance director!


The invite emails went out this morning for our Sharing Economy “Meet & Eat”. A great range of startups that facilitate sharing cars, food, education, skills, local services (to name a few), were on the invite list. The dinner is on 23rd October 2013 at Central Working, Google Campus.

What’s it all about? Check out our previous “Meet & Eats” for blogs and photos.

We are holding back a couple of places for press, so do get in touch and email us at if you would like to join the dinner,  or tweet us @tablecrowd.


Today’s guest post comes from Sam Bearfoot. Sam is a Kinesiologist and has written a “Winter Wellness” piece for your own cold snap survival. Enjoy;

As a Kinesiologist I understand the importance of good digestion and the role it can play in a well supported immune system. Digestion is not usually at the top of the list when you think of ways to support your immunity. It has a pretty major role to play in how you feel and function as a whole and specifically because it’s where your body converts all the nutrients you eat into energy.

Here’s the do’s and don’ts:

Avoid the bread rolls – Although it’s always tempting when you’re hungry to reach for that bread roll that’s been staring you in the face for the last 10 minutes, don’t, resist people! Wheat is not friends to many and can play havoc on your digestion. On top of this it will fill you up before the good stuff arrives.

Swap the water for a glass of wine – This is the one and only time I ever recommend that you don’t drink water, albeit a temporary one of course. Consuming a large amount of water whilst your eating your meal will not only fill you up, but will also slow down your digestion. Cleansing the pallet from time to time is fine and sipping some wine which requires digestion is also fine but whilst eating keep drinking to a minimum.

Take the plunge – Fish are not only easily digestible but they are also a good source of protein, omega oils and vitamin B6. The production of antibodies depends on a good regular source of B6, something which we need plenty of throughout the winter season.

Keep it lean – if you’re not a fish lover then go with a lean beef or lamb. These are good sources of zinc and iron which are both said to have positive affects to your immune system because of their antioxidant powers.

Stay in season – No i’m not talking about the lastest handbag ladies, I’m talking about root vegetables. These should now start to make up your dietary fibre as they will be available in abundance throughout winter. Look for beets, turnip, carrots and sweet potato for maximum amounts of the all important Vitamin C. Getting good sources of dietary fibre in daily is crucial for good digestion.

A clove a day keeps the vampires away – Garlic is a fabulous defensive nutrient and also super supportive for digestion. It contains allicin which is a substance that is anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial,  this makes it a must on any winter diet.

 Click for more > Cold and Flu Remedies!

The dreaded carbs – Carbs really aren’t the enemy it’s just that we eat too much of them in one sitting. When we over eat our body has to produce hormones using our endocrine system to balance our blood sugars and doing this too frequently isn’t a good thing. If you must venture into the realm of carbs and more specifically the refined version my general rule of thumb is to have no more than I can hold in 1 cupped hand.

When all else fails – We’ve all been there, the menu is amazing and you have to have EVERYTHING but this can leave you feeling, well, larger than normal. The trick I always have up my sleeve are a supplement called enzymes. You take them with your food and they aid your digestion by breakdown your food.

Last but not least – relax and enjoy your meal. Stress is a big player in suppressing the immune system so we must find the time to relax and de-stress where possible.

Sam is a qualified Systematic Kinesiologist that uses her skills as a therapist to provide a completely unique approach to well-being for each and every individual she sees. Sam is CEO/Founder of Body Sync the Health & Wellness Professional specialising in Systematic Kinesiology:

Her passion in life is her ability to help others work towards a better way of living. Given her own personal experience and career background, she specializes in helping other business owners reach their optimum health goals.

Sam’s qualifications are as follows: BSYA (Kin), Cert. ASK, ITEC APP although she continues to study and advance her knowledge within her field.

Why not tweet Sam @BodySync or email her if anyone has any questions.


Want to meet other people that share an interest in nutrition.  Then why not join our Healthy Eating Crowd here. Alternatively, join the up coming vegetarian dinner at The Gate Islington here.

Friday night was a chance for some of London’s finest, working in e-commerce (startups & established businesses), to wind down with others in the industry over food and drinks. TableCrowd partnered with Eyedea to host an e-commerce dinner for our respective members. Eyedea is a London-based society for young professional women that hosts speaker and charity events aiming to inspire and connect young female professionals – although this dinner was open to gents as well as ladies.

We were joined by diners from SilkFred,, My Car Gossip, Net A Porter, Entrepreneur First, Orwell & AustenAt Street HubBusbudChanelGraze, MMCTheHutGroup as well as buyers, consultants, bloggers & fashion designers. The dinner was supported by event sponsor, international law firm Taylor Wessing and artwork sponsors, nerv.

The dinner took place at Central Working in Google Campus and started with welcome drinks (thanks Taylor Wessing!) and a chance to mingle with the other guests. We then dined on tasty mexican food, fajitas – burritos with all the usual accompaniments. After plenty of time to eat, drink and be merry, we took the time for round-the-table introductions from all diners, before launching straight into Q&A with our special guest, Emma Watkinson, founder and CEO of fashion e-commerce platform, SilkFred. SilkFred provides online and offline routes to market for emerging fashion brands. Emma managed to keep her focus and talk inspirationally about her project, despite just hitting her fundraising target on Crowdcube literally minutes before! Emma spoke passionately about creating SilkFred, the ups and downs and about how to sell successfully online.

Some snaps from the dinner! Thanks to everyone that was part of the evening and hope to see you at another dinner soon.

The next startups “meet & eat” is for sharing economy / peer to peer startups and takes place on 23rd October. For an invite, you can reach us at or @tablecrowd.


Here at TableCrowd HQ, we love it when people get creative, especially with their food. You may have seen our previous blog post “Don’t Play With Your Food” that included some really cool images, but we wanted to share something we think we like even more.

Big Appetites: Tiny People in a World of Big Food – It’s basically a book of impressive photography which tiny people negotiate the everyday dramas of life-at work, at play, in love – against a backdrop of normal-size edibles. Each chapter is a ‘meal’-Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Drinks, and Dessert – to satiate every craving.

Here are some of our favourite images taken from the book:

For more images on our blog, have a look here: “Don’t Play With Your Food

Introducing Kat, one of our members going to her TableCrowd first dinner. Read on to find out how it was for her…

Naturally, as a novice I was always going to be nervous about my first ‘TableCrowd’ experience… meeting a group of complete strangers when you’re new to town can be daunting! Luckily for me, any nervousness disappeared as I entered Boulevard Brasserie, a charming French restaurant nestled in the heart of Covent Garden. Welcomed by the delightful waiting staff, I was shown to my table and met my fellow diners, who immediately put me at ease with their warmth and openness.

After some initial chit-chat, the restaurant’s buzzing atmosphere and prospect of an evening full of good food, wine, and company meant we all relaxed and really started to enjoy the evening. Our waiter had mastered a perfect mix of attentiveness and space, and was very helpful when it came to picking out a wine. Unfortunately my northern upbringing means I know little or nothing about vino; not a problem though, as Christiane and Patrick (the French and Italian diners amongst us) were adamant we try a little number from either of their native countries. A little help from the charming waiter meant the wine – as well as the conversion – was flowing in no time.

As the food arrived (sea bass with mangetout and pesto… beautifully prepared and presented with true French style!), we were never short of things to talk about, and the great mix of people meant there were plenty of stories and experiences to share. Whether we were discussing the place of social media within the 21st century, or the Hungarian way of drinking tequila (it’s taken with paprika and mandarin, apparently; Suzanne was quick to mention that this tastes disgusting! You’ve been warned… stick to lime and salt), we were never lost for words. Most surprisingly, common ground was found in our mutual love of Pimp My Ride (yes, that high quality MTV show where rapper Xzibit gives old cars an extreme make over! What’s not to love?!)

The highlight of the evening had to be when Jay, our TableCrowd veteran, made us stand up in the middle of the restaurant to play ‘Heads or Tales’, a fairly energetic game that involves putting your hands on your head or your hips, then flicking a coin to knock out players. If you pick incorrectly, you’re out of the running – trust me, it’s a ruthless elimination process! With the prospect of chocolate up for grabs however, the ladies around the table were very keen to give this a go… and when chocolate’s involved, it gets very competitive! Luckily Christiane, Suzanne and I won some delightful Halloween-themed chocolate, and Jay even provided a gift for our loser in the form of a ‘Fiendish Fancy’… although Halloween may be over a month away, we were all thrilled with Jay’s kindness.

As the night came to an end, we enjoyed a final limoncello nightcap, said fond goodbyes and promised to meet again soon. I was overwhelmed with contentment as we went our separate ways, reminiscing about the evening’s more entertaining moments and the lovely people I had met. Great ambience, friendly waiting staff, and lovely food were a bonus, but it was the people that made the night truly enjoyable. Let’s face it, tasty food, good wine and excellent company is a winning combination any day of the week!

Want to meet Kat at a future dinner? Why not connect with her on TableCrowd here.