Announcing dinner exploring the Why, How & What of Bitcoin

We’re hosting a dinner on Tuesday November 11th to explore the what, how and why of Bitcoin with a special after dinner speaker Pamir Gelenbe. Pamir is a Partner at Hummingbird Ventures where he currently focuses his efforts on virtual currencies. He is also the founder of CoinSummit, a series of events in the US and Europe focused on virtual currencies.

Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; it is open-source, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can take part. But what does this really mean? Who can take part? What value does it add for me or my business? As well as enjoying a nice meal with like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs, we’ll hear from Pamir and discuss these questions over dinner.


Pamir bitcoin

In a recent article in, our speaker for the evening Pamir Gelenbe said the following about Bitcoin:

“While there are still considerable obstacles to mainstream adoption, the bitcoin industry has evolved significantly over the last year. It is no longer a fringe libertarian movement but a commercial industry in its own right that is attracting strong talent and significant investment. But, while venture capital investment in bitcoin is accelerating with around $200m flowing into bitcoin companies in the U.S. over the last year, so far we have seen just a handful of much smaller deals in Europe.

One of the biggest challenges is user adoption. It is something of a chicken and egg problem, not unlike what we saw in the early pre-broadband years of the Internet. It is by no means easy to understand how bitcoin works or decide whether it is safe to store bitcoin holdings. Even the process of buying bitcoin remains far too complicated for the average consumer. The rise of bitcoin’s value is also turning wallets into a target for all kinds of cyber attacks.”

We’ll be dining on a delicious 3 course meal at Italian restaurant Piccolino’s and sharing insights around this fascinating subject.

Hope you’ll join us on Tuesday 11th November – book your seat here.


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