Introducing Charlie Rosier, TableCrowd Ambassador for Women in Business

We’re introducing Ambassadors to TableCrowd, who are passionate about their sector or industry.

This means there will be someone with their ear to the ground on the most interesting speakers, as well as a face you’ll recognise at every dinner for that industry. Find out more about Ambassadors here. Our Women in Business Ambassador is Charlie Rosier. We interviewed her to find out a bit more about her and her business:


Explain your business in one sentence?

Cuckooz Nest is THE go-to London ‘hub’ for freelance working parents.


What were you doing before you launched your business?

Running our other business Cuckooz – a design-led Serviced Apartment company in East London.


If you have business partners, where did you meet them?

I met Fab (my co-founder and BFF) about 10 years ago when she was working for UBM and I was running Young Entrepreneurs in Property (a networking group for bright young things).  We ran an event together and immediately hit it off.


What’s your biggest ‘hindsight’ moment?

Err…there are many! However one of my biggest lessons in business is having the conviction (and patience) to raise more money in one round, rather than try to “make do” and constantly be on the hustle.  Just because I can ask for favours, doesn’t mean I should.  Most of the time I knew I needed more than I was asking for, but often didn’t have the confidence to ask.


What will the remainder of 2018 bring?

Cuckooz is about to launch our sixth building in Old Street and has a really great partnership to announce.  Cuckooz Nest will hopefully be launching it’s second space and adapting the business model to make childcare even more affordable for working parents (watch this space).


1 piece of advice for someone starting a business in your sector?

Take your time and listen to the negative feedback as well as the positive.


Convince someone to use your product/service in under 50 words

You no-longer need to choose between having your career or having children.  Cuckooz Nest is London’s first fully-flexible, Ofsted-registered nursery with integrated workspace for parents and children under two.  Born of a passion to support families, we help bridge the gap between work and life.


What’s your favourite business in your sector (not including your own)?

Good question.  I really like what the team behind are doing, because the struggles of working parents aren’t restricted to London.  Also I admire the entrepreneurship behind reimaging a working farm.


Why are you passionate about building TableCrowd’s Women in Business community?

As long as I can remember I have been a strong believer in the value of networks but more recently the value in support. Owning your own business is a lonely affair, but so is being as parent. There are not enough support networks for women, to facilitate the open dialogue and exchange of ideas without judgment or intimidation. The strength of our business Cuckooz Nest is in our community, and the fact we have built a place free from home distractions with the potential for collaboration. My work with TableCrowd is an extension of that – getting great women around the table to get s^&*t done.


What’s your favourite London restaurant?

My guilty pleasure is unfortunately fried chicken and donuts – but if going out it would have to be Quality Chop House on Farringdon Road (around the corner from Cuckooz Nest) – they also have a great wine selection in their “farm shop”



If you like to join one of Charlie’s ladies-only dinners, take your pick!

Dine with Founder & CEO of Crowd Justice >> Succeeding as a women in tech


Dine with Founder of Primal Pantry >> Building a strong consumer brand & getting stocked by key retailers


Dine with Speakeasy Entertainment (owners of Nightjar) >> Developing your passion project from concept to delivery


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