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piccolinoWe organised two tech-related dinners this week. One for non-technical founders looking to build their first tech product and a dinner for those looking to succeed in FoodTech. A fab turnout for both dinners as usual, here’s the skinny on what went down:

theanthologistDinner with The Food Corporation
Our TC members had the pleasure of dining with Kimberly Hurd (CEO and founder of Tabl and The Food Corporation) and David Tabizel (founder of The Food Corporation, and hugely successful and experienced entrepreneur). Dinner took place in the private dining room of The Anthologist in The City, with our partner Wellers joining in the discussions. There were plenty of hints and tips shared by both David and Kimberly covering everything from being honest with yourself to being sure you know what you want.

As someone who loves building businesses, David’s insights and tips included:

  • Be brutally honest with yourself – he admits to having had lots of failures, but reminded his fellow diners that if you do fail, to do so quickly
  • Know your numbers and be careful about over projection
  • Understand your competition and your exit – know what you want and where you want to end up
  • Have an objective strategy tactic – don’t walk into the dark not knowing what you’re doing, and
  • Remember – your time is precious

Kimberly has been in the FoodTech space for 5 years, her comments at dinner were:

  • Establish what you are trying to solve
  • Be humble to each other
  • Having a good team and focus is very important
  • 90% of your decisions as a startup will be wrong. That’s okay – just pivot and change
  • Be able to answer questions like who would want to invest in me? Why would I be a customer of me? What are my margin? And so on

Kimberly also mentioned that she believes there is too much funding going on at early stage which is giving false hope to some startups. Don’t forget there is nothing wrong with being a small business (niche micro-companies are a growing business), be honest with yourself as to whether you do actually want to scale through investment.


Dinner for non-technical founders
Being at the helm of a tech business as a non-tech founder can’t be the easiest thing to do, so to have a dinner with Fabrice Bernhard, Cofounder & CTO of Theodo, a tech-team-for-hire business helped many of our members garner insights and ideas to help realise their tech vision. Dining at Piccolino in Exchange Square, everyone enjoyed an evening covering tips for those non-techy types amongst us that have a vision to build an app or web platform. Read all about Fabrice’s five lessons for non-tech founders.


Our speakers were joined by Neema Food, Bubblo, CafePod, Sapling, Crowdfooding, EatAbout, The Food Rush, Output Group, Not Just Vegetarian, Intelligent Crowd TV, FlatClub, MercuryLab, Inploi, Henry’s Avalanche Talk, Liberte Fitness, Imby, Fountain Partnership and Unocodrinks amongst others.

Thanks to David, Kimberly and Fabrice for speaking as well as our partner Wellers.

Wellers sponsor sizeWhet your appetite with what’s coming up at TableCrowd this month.

techTech is the topic at dinner’s this week, whether you’re knowledgeable in the area or not – tech is a part of the future (for the masses at least). For those non-techy types amongst us who are looking to launch an app or website – our dinner for non-tech founders is just for you. And those food lovers out there who are looking to succeed in foodtech – you’ll want to join Kimberly from The Food Corporation for dinner. Read on to find out more about both dinners:

Dinner for non-technical founders: Build your first tech product
Fabrice Bernhard, co-founder & CTO at Theodo UK will be dining with us and offering his valuable insights for non-technical founders looking to realise their vision and build their app or web platform in record time. Theodo is a ‘tech-team-for-hire’ as well as a web & mobile development company that works with both startups and large corporations. So effectively being ‘the tech team’ for non-tech founders is their bread and butter.

Grab a seat at Fabrice’s table, share what you are currently working on, and meet your peers over a delicious meal. Don’t forget to have your list of questions at the ready for the informal Q&A that takes place once Fabrice has spilled the beans in his after-dinner talk. With 9 years experience – he’s bursting with great hints and tips!
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Tuesday 19 April at Piccolino, Shoreditch/City

Dine with The Food Corporation: Succeeding in FoodTech
It is such a treat for us to welcome Kimberly Hurd as after-dinner speaker next week. She is responsible for Zomato’s highly successful launch into the UK and she now heads up The Food Corporation and one of its brands, Tabl. The Food Corporation focuses on either partnering to fund or directly develop disruptive businesses in food media and technology.

Join us for dinner and meet with like-minded people whilst also hearing from Kimberly about all she has achieved. Be sure to bring plenty of questions for Kimberly too, to really take advantage of her knowledge during the informal Q&A part of the dinner.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Wednesday 20 April at The Anthologist, City

New to TableCrowd? Take a look at our short video to see what it’s all about:

With a total of five dinners spread across three days, this has certainly been a jam-packed week here at TableCrowd. We’ve split our roundup into two separate posts (find the other one here) because we’ve got so much to fill you in on! From the beautiful arches of the Royal Exchange on Monday for our dinner for London FoodTech Week, to Aubaine Mayfair on Tuesday with our PropertyTech dinner, to The Avenue, Pall Mall on Wednesday for our beauty bloggers dinner, we’ve been all over the capital dining and networking with like-minded folk. Read on to hear our highlights…

rexLondon FoodTech Week – Successfully funding your food business
As part of London FoodTech Week, we hosted a dinner at the sumptuous surroundings of the Royal Exchange in Bank where we were joined by a panel of speakers: Michael Wilkinson, Head of Equity Investments at Crowdcube, Ben Pugh, founder at FarmDrop and Oliver Pugh, founder and CEO at EarlyBird who successfully funded their businesses using CrowdCube. Ben and Oliver having both gone through the CrowdCube process, shared their experience using this fundraising platform:

There are no silver bullets; just work damn hard

The panel advised potential CrowdCube companies to be sensible and realistic about valuation and ultimately:

Be scrappy or go home.

oisinThe future of mobile marketing with Oisin Lunny
Also on Monday night, we were over at The Green in Clerkenwell to discuss the future of mobile marketing with Oisin Lunny. With technology changing as quickly as it is, mobile marketing is becoming more important than ever. As Oisin outlined, we are embracing mobile use wholeheartedly – it is the fastest growing market. 73% of world’s population now have a mobile phone. There are more active mobile connections than people. More people have access to a mobile phone than to a toothbrush. 6 billion people worldwide use mobile messaging, so as you can see: it’s kind of a big deal. Oisin quoted The Economist’s take on the situation:

We are now a planet of smart phones populated by homo sapiens.

From 1990 onwards, we saw the The Age of Information take place, and recently, we have seen the dawn of The Age of the Consumer. There are 3 things on the mobile market mind at the moment:

  1. ‘CEx’ – the ability to transform customer experience
  2. Turning Big Data into data insights
  3. Becoming a digital disrupter

The best examples of companies who are leveraging the mobile successfully are those such as Uber, who are proactively serving consumers based on their context. Apple Pay, in addition, is a good example of a completely closed system.

We are tech-rich and time-poor.

We have a personal relationship with our phones and because of this companies are trying different ways to getting through to people through local advertising. For example, Google, promote local suggestions and thereby add value to the home consumer through the crossover between functionality and marketing.
aubaine2Property tech dinner with Eyal Malinger
We were talking about property at dinner on Tuesday night at Aubaine, and we were lucky enough to be joined by CountryWide‘s Eyal Malinger. Eyal is responsible for Countrywide’s growth and venture investments. He spoke a bit about the challenges of getting seen by a big corporate.

It’s hard because these companies are so opaque.

He advised to use websites such as LinkedIn to connect with investors from large corporate companies. People are on these sites, he says, because they want to be responded to! Eyal advised what he callsl ‘the side door method’. Instead of approaching the person right at the top, go sideways. Send a brief email (this should be one screen…don’t forget that people tend to read emails on their phone!) and ask who that person would recommend that you talk to in that company.

Eyal also gave his advice on approaching VCs by talking a bit about his experience on the receiving end from start-ups. For further information on this topic, check out Eyal’s post here.

Our speakers were joined by: Popcorn Kitchen, FarmDrop, Born Social, EarlyBird, CrowdCube, Gozo Deli, iguacu, OpenMarket, BlisMedia, MoveBubble, BillHub, i Am the agent, CarSpring, Bungaloow and Valimpex amongst others.

Special thanks to our speakers, Oisin, Michael, Ben, Oliver and Eyal for all their great advice and tips, and to our partners, Alma CG and FixFlo.

fixfloalmaFor the #AfterDinnerRoundup for the rest of dinners this week, check out our post here.

dinnerNext week is incredibly busy at TableCrowd – it is crammed and bursting full of dinners. Let’s repeat that: Next week is busy. Immensely busy! We have dinners covering everything from mobile marketing, PropertyTech and promoting your own brand to tech stories and London FoodTech Week. Take a look now and see which dinners are for you.

The future of mobile marketing with Oisin Lunny
Dine with Oisin Lunny and discuss the future of mobile marketing. With 20+ years experience in content and technology, experience with Global Management and Board Level roles across digital media, social gaming and mobile, Oisin has a wealth of experience to share. He is a tremendous speaker and has spoken at over 100 media and technology conferences globally including SXSW, and guested on CNN and the BBC.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Monday 19 October at The Green, Clerkenwell

London FoodTech Week: Tales from the trenches “Successfully crowdfunding your food business”
As part of London FoodTech Week, we have a classic TableCrowd dinner on successfully crowdfunding for your business. We will be joined by Michael Wilkinson – Head of Equity Investments at Crowdcube, Ben Pugh – Founder at FarmDrop, and Oliver Pugh – Founder and CEO at EarlyBird who both successfully funded their businesses using crowdfunding.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Monday 19 October at The Royal Exchange Grande Cafe, The City

Investment in PropertyTech
Eyal Malinger, the Corporate Development Director at Countrywide PLC, will be sharing insights from his software-engineer-turned-investor perspective, focusing on investments in the property technology sector including the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when pitching investment ideas, as well as the things they do well; the benefits and pitfalls of taking an investment from a strategic investor; how to get your startup in front of large corporates when looking for investors or clients, or both; and what the biggest opportunities in the sector currently are.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Tuesday 20 October at Aubaine Mayfair, West End

Dine with Emily Brooke, founder of Blaze: from vision to prototype to market
As part of our ‘Tech Stories’ series, we are so pleased to welcome to our tables Emily Brooke, founder and CEO of Blaze, who’s created the ultimate product for urban cyclists. Launching with the Blaze Laserlight, a radical innovation set to drastically improve cyclists’ safety. From inception at University, a successful Kickstarter campaign, through to the £1m venture capital raise earlier this year, to their current progress since including having their lights installed on Boris Bikes. They’re selling in over 50 different countries and are stocked in key retailers like Evans; Emily’s achievements are immense and she has a wealth of experience to share with you over dinner.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Wednesday 21 October at Jamie’s Italian Piccadilly, Soho

Digital Beauty Dinner: The “do’s and don’ts” of promoting your own brand
Join Hayley Carr, beauty blogger and consultant from London Beauty Queen and The 30+ Blog Collective and Nidhima Kohli, the founder of MyBeautyMatches, will be hosting the next digital beauty dinner and covering the “do’s and don’ts” of promoting your own brand. Each speaker will be covering this topic in relation to their knowledge of expertise, so Hayley will discuss everything blogger-related, including promoting your own blog. Nidhima will talk about how to get listed with online retailers and reach your target consumers.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Wednesday 21 October at The Avenue, Pall Mall

Still hungry for more? Check out the list of upcoming dinners here.

See you soon!


Money, money, money…

Does it make the world go round? We’re getting October off to a good start here at TableCrowd with an exciting dinner coming up next week focused exclusively on the options available for you when raising capital at seed stage. Come along next week to hear from our expert speaker, Tim Jackson, and to meet like-minded folk in the same boat as you.

leaninvestDine with Tim Jackson, partner at Lean Investments and VC
Tim Jackson is a partner at Lean Investments and leader of Europe’s biggest AngelList syndicate in Europe, as well as a top seed fund. At dinner next week, Tim will be covering the different options available for start-ups to raise money including VCs, angels and crowd funding platforms. With a wealth of experience including as a journalist for The Economist and Financial Times, Tim is a VC and seed investor himself.

If your start-up has a product but is looking for advice in raising capital in order to scale it, this is the dinner for you!
Dinner is at 6.45pm on Wednesday 5th October The Clerk and Well, Clerkenwell


Also coming up next month…

> How to win using social media with expert social media strategist, Kaushal Tailor, at Tom’s Kitchen, St Katharine Docks on Wednesday 14 October

> Successfully crowdfunding your food business with Crowdcube, Earlybird and Farmdrop at The Royal Exchange Grand Cafe, The City on Monday 19 October

> From vision to prototype to market with Emily Brooke, founder of Blaze at Jamie’s Italian, Soho on Wednesday 21 October

> Building a successful business without funding with Venntro’s founder & CEO, Ross Williams, at Obica, Soho on Wednesday 28 October – take a look at our #MeetTheSpeaker video:

Take a look at the full list of upcoming TableCrowd dinners here.

See you soon!

This week, we had the pleasure of the CEO of Pivigo on all things big data and data science related, followed by Ryan Kohn, the co-founder of Propercorn covering getting your product stocked and selling over 2m units a month. Here’s what happened:

propercornDine with the co-founder of Propercorn
Joining Ryan Kohn, co-founder of Propercorn, for dinner at Tom’s Kitchen, St Katharine Docks last night, were fellow entrepreneurs and brand strategists looking to garner Ryan’s knowledge and expertise in building a hugely successful brand and he offered his advice to those starting a business. His 3 key points were:

  1. Understanding your ‘why’: I wanted to run my own charity, that’s my desire, that’s what gets me up every day. When you hire people, why should they get behind you?
  2. If you’re starting a business, make a list of the top 5 people in your industry who you admire. Learn from them. Take them out for a coffee and pick their brains. E.g. Ryan met with the co-founder of Innocent, they ran through the basics of wholesalers and business fundamentals. Ultimately, meet with as many people as you can!
  3. Every time you hire someone, it’s an opportunity to hire someone brilliant. They have to fit your culture and your attitude – it’s not just a job. It’s all about the people you hire. It took Propercorn a year and half to hire their commercial director.

Speaking about Propercorn as a whole, Ryan explained that they consider themselves a lifestyle brand, it’s not just all about popcorn.

We are holistic, we don’t speak badly about competitors. We focus on ourselves. We believe in what we’re doing. Champion your story and your heritage.

pivigoData Science: use data to drive your business
Dining at Piccolino, Broadgate on Monday night, Kim Nilsson and her guests spoke extensively about the growing need to utilise the ever-expanding collection of data that each and every business is accumulating. There are ways and means to use this data to a company’s advantage. Kim gave some great advice on how to start using data for your business, you can find out more here.

Our speakers were joined by: Compare and Share, Chime, Pomelo Brands, Bloom & Wild, Ucanavit, Live Unguilty, Popcorn Kitchen, Hownd, BTL Brands, Marley Coffee and Accenture amongst others.

Special thanks go to our speakers, Kim Nilsson and Ryan Kohn along with our new partner Constant Contact.

constant-contact-800x200Check out the upcoming TableCrowd dinners and see when you’ll be joining us for dinner.

200715 NWDIt’s all about finishing the month on a high, so we have four dinners next week just for you:

Data Science: use data to drive your business.
Understanding your company’s data can be the key ingredient for success. Join us for dinner with Kim Nilsson, CEO of Pivigo, who will be giving an after-dinner talk, and informal Q&A on data science.

If you’re new to “data science“, it is the extraction of knowledge from large volumes of data – and there is more data out there than ever before, which calls for new ways of analysing and processing.

If you understand your company’s audience, you can better target them with products and services; you can tailor offers specific to their tastes. If you understand their behaviour, you can use this information to secure loyalty and create a more valuable offering.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Monday 27 July at Piccolino, Broadgate

Parent & family startups: Dine with the Founder of Baby2Body
Our latest ‘Tech Stories’ dinner sees Melinda Nicci, Founder of Baby2Body give an after-dinner talk, and an informal Q&A session on starting and maintaining a thriving business. This dinner is perfect for people with businesses that focus on providing products or services to parents and/or families.

Melinda will share her story of building Baby 2 Body from the ground up into a thriving business that has secured coverage in magazines and broadsheets, as well as raising funding from top London fund, Forward Partners.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Tuesday 28 July at Tom’s Kitchen, St Katharine Docks

Dine with the Founder of PROPERCORN: Getting stocked and selling 2 million units a month
How do relatively new brands manage to get stocked in major stores and supermarkets across the UK? Let alone sell millions of their products each month!

Dine with Ryan Kohn, co-founder of PROPERCORN, who will be speaking after dinner about how he launched a super-brand in under four years, as well as sharing his top tips for start-up success in the food sector. Launching his business at the height of the recession and against some huge competition, PROPERCORN’s story is really inspiring. And they’re now taking their next steps into exporting to other countries in Europe too.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Wednesday 29 July at Tom’s Kitchen, St Katharine Docks

Growing an eCommerce business: From your first user to an international business
Meeting people that have ‘been there‘ is immensely important when working on your business. Will Wynne, founder at Arena Flowers, one of the leading online florists in the UK with operations globally (both b2b and b2c), will be providing an after-dinner talk, followed by an informal Q&A at our latest eCommerce dinner. He will be sharing tips and insights for growing your eCommerce business from the ground up as well as learnings from mistakes he made along the way.

Before starting Arena Flowers, Will worked at a private equity firm in the City and before then he was one of the marketing guys at eBay UK. Will is also co-founder and MD of Smart Pension for auto enrolment into workplace pensions. He has a wealth of experiences to share over a glass or two of wine. Take this chance to meet him and ask all those burning questions, informally over dinner.Dinner is at 6:45pm on Wednesday 29 July at Jamie’s Italian, London Bridge

Take a look at the full list of upcoming TableCrowd dinners.

For those of you who are new to TableCrowd – have a look at our video to see what it’s like when you join us for dinner:

Last week was a busy week, we had seven TableCrowd dinners happening across a variety of sectors, including WedTech, playing the stock market, Food & Beverage industry, PropertyTech and more. Here’s the rundown of what nuggets of wisdom our speakers imparted on their fellow diners: wedtechdinnerWedTech at Aubaine, Heddon St
We held an intimate dinner for those in the wedding industry with our co-host Sachin, Founder of Think Shaadi, discussing how technology is impacting the £10 billion UK wedding industry. Following the usual round-the-table introductions the diners chatted en mass about wedding trends and how to work together in such a big industry. With tech being a relatively new thing in the UK wedding industry, it was agreed by all that a lot of venues, dressmakers, and photographers are still using basic technology and definitely need to catch up! For the wedding industry, the most useful marketing tools are still word of mouth, with everyone stressing the importance of customer reviews.

foodUrban Food Fest at Piccolino, Exchange Square
Both Mike and Jessica joined us from Urban Food Fest to discuss the London street food scene and how it has revolutionised the way London eats! Founded two years ago, Urban Food Fest is a street food market based in Shoreditch occurring every Saturday. Around 15 food stalls – including a V corner for vegans and vegetarians – are surrounded by lots of bars and live music to entertain and delight the crowds that attend. Starting with a pop up status, their festival is now a regular event and they have expanded into corporate and private events including one for Henry Cavell, Apple and Volkswagen.

Ultimately, the team at Urban Food Fest love being a platform for so many diverse people who want to share their passion for food. For our diners, Mike’s top tips all related to networking and how it is crucial to success.

Business is person to person. Get over any inhibitions about talking to people and get out there and just do it!

You’ll never know where the conversations might lead. So, remember – always bring your business cards with you, be prepared and be passionate!

fashionpressdinnerHow to charm the Fashion Press
Diners were in for a treat at our Fashion Press dinner as they had two speakers, Alison Levy, Global Director of Brand Development at Fashion GPS and Tansy Aspinall, co-founder of Tada & Toy. The great thing about this dinner, apart from the amazing food at Mint Leaf Lounge, was the opportunity to garner insight into the accessibility of fashion magazines from both a PR and brand perspective. Both ladies had such insightful and worthwhile information, that we have a whole separate post dedicated to their top tips. Take a look at it here.

Tony Wollenberg on playing the stock market
Last Tuesday saw a group of diners joining serial entrepreneur and stock market guru, Tony Wollenberg for dinner at Aubaine where his market successes and failures were discussed over food. Tony had some great advice for those interested in playing the stock market which identified that whatever you’re doing in the markets, it certainly won’t be a boring journey up, or down. His honest depiction of crashes in the stock market led him to describe them as “cataclysmic, seismic events” that are “the times when you can make the most money.”

You can be greedy when others are fearful, and fearful when others are greedy.

acceldinnerDinner with Luciana Lixandru, Accel Partners
The private dining room at Jamie’s Italian in Piccadilly was the backdrop for our fundraising dinner with Luciana Lixandru, Vice President and an early stage investor at Accel. Providing a brief history of the company, Luciana explained that Accel was built in Silicon Valley 30 years ago, and in Europe they invest $0.5 billion dollars. This is usually invested in early stage to growth businesses, and the sweet spot is often around £10 million for the initial investment. Accel’s ‘Claim to Fame’ is that they were the first to invest in Facebook!

Luciana’s top tip was:

Be straightforward and make it easy for VCs to understand you

A vibrant evening with lots of lovely guests was the feedback from our host with regards to our Property Tech dinner with Ed Freyfogle, in partnership with Wellers and our co-host Fixflo. Ed shared the story of Lokku, including lessons he learnt whilst at Yahoo about getting annihilated by Google, analysing Yahoo’s site and realising how cluttered it was. He stressed the importance of making sure you understand the value chain of your piece of the business.

His top tips were:

  • Keep your endurance and stick with it
  • Control the things you can control, don’t spend too much time worrying about the things you can’t
  • The better you do at serving the consumer, the more money you make
  • As you go on your journey, don’t forget to enjoy it

Click here for all the tips provided by Sarah Jossel at the ‘Getting into the Glossys’ dinner.

A big thanks goes to our speakers Mike, Alison, Tansy, Tony, Ed and Luciana, and our partners Fixflo, Wellers, Taylor Wessing and SilkFred.


For a full list of our upcoming dinners, click here.



It’s almost the middle of May already – before you know it, summer will have whizzed right past us. To ensure you make the most of your time, next week is crammed full of dinners for you to meet and network with a whole host of people. So, without any further ado, here’s what’s happening:

NWD180515Hear how the pop-up scene has changed the way London eats
Join Jessica Tucker, founder of Urban Food Fest, for dinner and drinks and discuss the revolutionary way in which street food has transformed the London food scene. This dinner is for food entrepreneurs and enthusiasts looking to gain a valuable insight into the world of street food.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Monday 18 May

Discuss the future of #WedTech and it’s effect on the £10 billion UK wedding industry
Join your industry peers and the discussion on WedTech, how it’s booming in the US and ready to explode into the UK market. See how your business can capitalise on this trend and the growing number of brides and groom spending up to 10 hours a week on wedding sites and blogs.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Monday 18 May at Aubaine, Regent Street

Dine with Tony Wollenberg, founder of City Index: Playing the stock market
With decades of experience and market anecdotes, Tony Wollenberg is the person to garner information from relating to the stock market. Meet Tony informally over dinner and listen to this serial entrepreneur and stock market guru’s after-dinner talk.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Tuesday 19 May

Dine with an early stage investor from Accel
Find out what Luciana Lixandru, an early stage investor at Accel, looks for in the companies she invests in. She focuses on early and growth stage investments.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Tuesday 19 May at Jamie’s Italian Piccadilly, Soho


Find out how to charm the Fashion Press with Fashion GPS and Tada & Toy
Obtain an insight into both sides of the story, from agency and brand, when securing coverage for a fashion business. The Global Director of Brand Development at Fashion GPS, Alison Levy will be providing an after-dinner talk, as well as Tansy Aspinall, co-founder of Tada & Toy.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Tuesday 19 May at Mint Leaf Lounge, Bank

Dine with Ed Freyfogle, founder of Nestoria at our PropertyTech dinner
We’ve teamed up with Fixflo to bring you our third PropertyTech dinner for fellow entrepreneurs and professionals in the property industry to meet and network over food. Ed Freyfogle, co-founder of Lokku (who’s key consumer brand is Nestoria) will be talking after dinner, which includes an informal Q&A session.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Wednesday 20 May at Mint Leaf Lounge, Bank

“Getting into the Glossys” dinner with Sarah Jossel, Glamour Magazine
Talk informally over dinner with Sarah Jossel, Glamour Magazine’s Deputy Beauty Editor, and Backstage Reporter for New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks. Find out how to get into the pages of coveted glossy magazines at this dinner.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Wednesday 20 May at Pescatori Italian & Seafood Restaurant, Fitzrovia

New to TableCrowd? Take a look at our video to see what it’s like joining us for dinner:

For a full list of our upcoming dinners, click here.

150420 dinners

With Easter and the lovely long bank holiday weekend well and truly behind us, the next few weeks are crammed with great dinners for you all to enjoy. So, without any further ado, here’s what’s happening next week:

Dine with Early Stage Tech Investor at Dawn Capital
Join Ari Helgason for dinner where he will be talking about what he looks for in the companies he invests in. As an Early Stage Tech Investor at Dawn Capital, Ari is also a former entrepreneur with operational experience in London and New York. Take this opportunity to meet Ari informally over dinner and talk to him about what you’re working on, his involvement in the Y Combinator startup accelerator, or even his extensive relationships with Silicon Valley.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Monday 20 April at Aubaine, Heddon Street

Dine with Tim Jackson, partner at Lean Investments
This dinner is perfect for those at the crossroads of looking for investment but not sure which road to go down. Should you raise money from VCs, angels or crowdfunding? Tim Jackson, in addition to his role as Partner at Lean Investments, is the leader of Europe’s biggest AngelList syndicate and will be providing advice during his talk and Q&A for startups that have a product but need money to scale it. 
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Tuesday 21 April at Pescatori, Fitzrovia

Dine with founder of SaVse smoothies
Guka Tavberidze will be sharing his success story and provide valuable insights into getting products stocked in the UK and Europe. An award winning fruit and veg smoothie, SaVse is currently stocked in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Wholefoods, Daylesford, Boots and Planet Organic, totalling 1200 UK stores and 400 across Europe. Not too shabby for a company that launched in January 2013. 
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Tuesday 21 April at The Green, Clerkenwell

Dine with Mikey Howe, Founding Partner at Escape the City
Every entrepreneur’s dream is to build a business that rapidly grows and is profitable too. As one of the first equity crowdfunded businesses, Escape the City has a rapidly growing community of over 200,000 talented professionals starting businesses and pursuing meaningful career paths. Join Mikey for dinner and hear him talk about the ESC journey, including their rapid growth, crowdfunding and the road to profitability.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Wednesday 22 April at The Green, Clerkenwell

With May fast approaching us, we also have these newly announced dinners:

For a full list of our upcoming dinners, and to secure your seat, click here.