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SEOAs many of us are aware, search engine optimisation (SEO) is a form of marketing that means your business will appear more highly in the organic search rankings on Google. It is important for credibility, awareness, traffic and ultimately, new customers. Done right, it can bring the highest ROI of all forms of marketing. So “doing it right” is the topic at next week’s dinner. with Simon Schnieder, founder of SEO agency Blue Array, and all-round SEO expert.

Previously Simon headed up SEO for some of the UK’s leading brands and start-ups including; Zoopla, Mail Online and Simon will be taking you through the Zoopla case study and giving plenty of SEO tips and tricks that can be applied to your business to make a measurable impact. Join us for this great opportunity to meet Simon, get the inside scoop, as well as to enjoy dinner and drinks with others who have SEO on their minds.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Wednesday 3 August at The Happenstance, The City

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10 Aug – Dine with 5x TED speaker & CleanTech founder, Laurence Kemball-Cook
24 Aug – What’s the next step for you & your business?
06 Sep – Dine with Seedcamp
07 Sep – Dine with Forward Partners

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Screenshot 2016-08-01 16.19.42This week’s dinners covered the topics of marketing and fundraising, with speakers from the investment and media worlds. Tom Maddocks, ex-BBC2 reporter and now one of the UK’s leading authorities on media training and presentation coaching.

Dinner with Tracy Doree, founding partner at Spring Partners
As part of our ‘Meet the investor’ series, Tracy Doree spoke extensively about the fundraising process and how to do it successfully. Having experienced fundraising from both sides of the table, Tracy was perfectly positioned to assist with her fellow diners questions about being at the helm of a business that was seeking funding.

Screenshot 2016-08-01 16.19.58

Dinner with Ex-BBC2 reporter and Media Expert, Tom Maddocks
With some 20+ years experience as a journalist and broadcaster, working in TV, radio and the national press, Tom Maddocks was a fantastic speaker for our TableCrowd members joining him for dinner at Aubaine in Mayfair this week.

As a former reporter on BBC’s The Money Programme, Tom turned his experience in the media industry into making him one of the UK’s leading media training experts, having been quoted on the subject in The Sunday Times, Independent, FT and other publications too. Tom shared his knowledge with his fellow diners to help them get coverage for their businesses. With top tips and tactics for reaching journalists shared over dinner, each diner left with the tools to help drive awareness for their business to boost growth and reach new markets and customers.

Screenshot 2016-08-01 16.20.19Our fab speakers, Tom and Tracy, were joined by Friends Recommend It, Attest, Sivgen, Hatch, Reed Travel Exhibitions, Pixelgroup, Decca Capital, Jamae Immigration Law Group, Veyring,, REVL, USPAAH, Faber Novella, Unocodrinks, CityMunch, Inn Style, Silver Curve, AtlaSense, tosay, INK amongst others.

015If you’re looking to do a spot of networking, why not get some insider knowledge while you’re at it? Up next week we have media expert Tom Maddocks talking on how to get journalists interested in your company, as well as Tracy Doree, founding partner of Spring Partners chatting about getting investment for your business.

Getting journalists interested in your company. Dine with expert, Tom Maddocks
Getting press coverage for your business can be vital to boost growth, drive awareness and reach new markets and customers. Join Tom Maddocks for dinner, for top tips and tactics for reaching journalists and getting them to snap up your story.

You’ll probably know Tom from his former role as a reporter on BBC2’s ‘The Money Programme’. He is acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading authorities on media training and presentation coaching, having been quoted in publications including the Sunday Times, Independent and Financial Times. He has over twenty years’ experience as a journalist and broadcaster, working in TV, radio and the national press.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Tuesday 19 July at Aubaine, Mayfair

Meet the investors: Tracy Doree, founding partner of Spring Partners
Tracy Doree understands things from your side of the table. She’s an entrepreneur at heart, with one the fastest exits we’ve heard of under her belt. She founded Llustre, an eCommerce business that designed and sold designer products and collections for homes – it was acquired by FAB after just 10 weeks of opening the doors for business!

Tracy is now founding partner at Spring Partners, an active London based venture capital fund.

Secure your spot at the table and get the lowdown on how to fundraise successfully from Tracy, who’ll be drawing on her experiences as both an investor and a business seeking funding.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Wednesday 20 July at Piccolino, City

brekkiwWe also have a fab, intimate breakfast happening just for founders. Our CEO, Kate Jackson, hosts a relaxed and informal breakfast for you founders to expand your network whilst sharing problems and solutions with other founders.
Breakfast is at 8:45am on Tuesday 19 July at Aubaine, Broadgate Circle


eiNext week is all about the ladies, well female speakers anyway. Tuesday will see us dining with brand expert Jenny Andersson on achieving growth and profitability by being a purpose led business. Wednesday, we have the pleasure of Amanda Davie sharing her wealth of knowledge on leadership and the role of emotional intelligence. Two fantastic topics to discuss over dinner, let’s check out each one in a bit more detail:

Dinner on growth & profitability through activating purpose
We’re excited to have Jenny Andersson, a seasoned TableCrowd member, covering the topic of growth and profitability through activating purpose at dinner next month. As an expert in brand strategy and communications, Jenny will talk about how purpose-led initiatives can contribute to profitability and growth, as well as helping your brand better connect with customers.

Secure your spot at the table and discover why being purpose-led is important for your future success (it’s reported that purpose-led brands are outperforming traditional brands on shareholder value 9:1). Hear how Jenny has helped brands such as Patagonia, Timberland, Levi’s & Virgin align their social and environmental responsible brands with making their business better and more profitable.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Tuesday 17 May at Piccolino, Exchange Square

Dinner with Amanda Davie on leadership & the role of emotional intelligence
Being in tune with your own emotions and having strong awareness of emotions of the people around you can be vital for leading your team to success. Known as ’emotional intelligence’, the latest in the women’s series of dinners will cover this topic with Amanda Davie providing the after-dinner speech and informal Q&A. As an ECR Certified Coach, Amanda has been trained by emotional intelligence experts RocheMartin to define, measure and develop EQ in leadership.

Join Amanda and your female peers and find out how you can effectively utilise EQ in your role. Here’s a quick run-down of what Amanda has achieved in her career so far:

  • Pioneered online advertising in the UK at 24/7 Media, Outrider (a WPP agency, now MEC), and i-level
  • Grew the search business at i-level from scratch to a team of 40
  • Founded Reform a digital management consulting firm
  • Co-founded Mentoring Digital Minds in 2010
  • Co-founded Digital Talent @ Work in 2015
  • Executive coach (launched own practice Jan 2016)
  • Mentors on the Cherie Blair Foundation Mentoring Programme

If you’re yet to join one of our women’s dinners, they’re fantastic fun and a great way to build a network of like-minded women (as un-biased as we are!) Grab a seat at the table and be sure to bring plenty of questions for Amanda to really take advantage of her experience during the informal Q&A part of the dinner.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Wednesday 18 May at The Green, Clerkenwell

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emailmeJournalist and founder Monty Munford spoke recently at a dinner sharing his thoughts and tips on how to secure media coverage for your business. One thing he spoke on was the fact that he rejects 98% of emails that are sent to him.

To be the 2% that makes it through – Monty had these tips for his fellow diners:

  • Open with a good reference to what the journalist has written. E.g. I really enjoyed your article on…
  • Second paragraph: The product
  • Third paragraph: Shall we meet up?
  • Send three paragraphs only
  • Make the Subject line interesting. (This is crucial for most journalists.) Write a headline for a story to get their attention
  • Find out where the journalist goes and what events they attend
  • PR is important but for a low budget it’s not worth having as you won’t get the focus you need. Expect to spend at least £3k to make it worthwhile.
  • Have a page on your website to your press articles and have the latest story at the top
  • You may find a journalist is more likely to publish if the email comes from the CEO
  • Figure out the best time to contact them (avoiding high-pressure moments in the press cycle). For Monty, it’s best to contact him between 11am to 1pm (avoid Mondays altogether)

Get more fab tips from our speakers right here on our blog  – or better yet – hear first-hand by joining us for dinner!

shoppingSpecial thanks goes to Alex O’Byrne for his insightful talk on increasing your online orders for your eCommerce business at dinner this week. Without any further ado, hear is what he had to say:

  1. The journey for mobile users must be good. 50% of traffic comes from mobile. 41% of orders for luxury brands again comes from mobile (which is higher than mid-range brands
    And if that’s not enough – Google penalises sites that don’t work well on mobile. Ouch.
  2. Promote your business. Attract PR, do events, network, have journalists on your mailing list etc
  3. Don’t forget about email (it’s social media’s cooler, older brother didn’t you know?). Have email sign up on your website. Automate your email marketing (MailChimp pro plus gives you a 3 email marketing campaign welcome drip – which is handy)
  4. Create content for your audience that is informative, fun, interesting and/or appealing. Make it useful beyond your product or service. (E.g. Smoothie business – add articles about healthy living, exercise etc)
  5. Build trust. Take good quality photos, have a great website design, take payments securely (and so on)
  6. Remember the lifetime value of a customer – it should always be more than the first purchase
  7. Always respond to customer feedback. Always.

Finally, a few tit bits to tack on the end, (hey – everyone loves a bonus tip or two!)

  • People expect free returns on shipping
  • Get your products endorsed by people (e.g journalists) – it builds trust

For more great tips – check out what our other speakers have been saying, or better yet – hear first-hand by joining us for dinner.

alexWhen it comes to online and eCommerce, it’s a bit of a minefield for the uninitiated as to where to start, what to do and when. We had great pleasure in welcoming Alex O’Bryne as our after-dinner speaker this week talking extensively (and very knowledgeably) on all things eCommerce. He provided plenty of top tips for eCommerce businesses to his fellow diners covering everything from mobile users, content marketing to photography and customer feedback.

Giving credit where credit is due, and also offering guidance as to who to look to for inspiration, Alex cited a few businesses to take a look at including:

  • Bloom & Wild – they have great emails along with a top man (Alex’s words but we completely agree – Aron has also spoken at a TableCrowd dinner)
  • Chanel, Burberry, Canada Goose & Ayr for website design

Screenshot 2016-04-14 12.19.47Ultimately, Alex’s advice to the TableCrowd members joining him was to build trust in any way you can. People are more inclined to purchase products from a brand they trust – do this by:

  • Creating good quality photos
  • Having a well-designed site
  • Displaying the visa secured sign if you’re taking payments online (or ensure payments are being made securely)

And finally, dispelling the old SEO issue – don’t worry about it too much as Google is more advanced now. Head here for more tips from Alex.

Our speaker was joined by Liberte Fitness, Yoga for Wellness with LA, Savse Smoothies, Marley Coffee, Solely Original, Host Digital, Per4mance Insight, E Deals & Offers, Able Label Clothing and Marmalade amongst others.

Special thanks to Alex for a fantastic talk and our partner Taylor Wessing.

TAYLOR WESSINGCheck out our upcoming dinners to see which one whets your appetite!


helloAt dinner last week, Jim Kite, Starcom MediaVest Group‘s Strategic Development Director, covered the topic of how he works closely with tech startups by connecting them with Starcom’s existing clients (like Samsung, P&G, Lidl and Heineken to name drop a little).

Here are his top tips for startups working with a media and advertising agency to connect their products and services with established brands:

  1. Have a clear proposition. Focus on what you do well.
  2. Ensure your product is 100% ready.
  3. Pitching to a marketeer is very different to an investor pitch – research the agency and the client before you approach them.
  4. Personalise the approach to the client – show what you can do for them.
  5. Have a simple video that showcases exactly what you do.

For more great tips from our speakers, take a look at our other posts – or better yet – hear first-hand by joining us for dinner!

agencyAt dinner earlier this week, Jim Kite, Starcom MediaVest Group‘s Strategic Development Director, covered the topic of how he works closely with tech startups by connecting them with Starcom’s existing clients (like Samsung, P&G, Lidl and Heineken to name drop a little). Here are his 5 reasons that agencies work with startups:

  1. Innovation
    Clients expect innovation as well as the basics from their media agency. What value is the agency adding? There needs to be constant innovation – and startups are primed to execute this.
  2. Partnerships
    Partnering is a need for media agencies as it’s a battle to keep up with all of the tech changes alone. Working with others also aids an agency’s own product development.
  3. Talent
    The average age at Starcom is 31, and retaining talent is difficult. The majority of staff at startups are millenials. The startup industry is effectively a talent magnet.
  4. Reputation
    Working with startups helps build a brand and is a differentiator. Ultimately, it’s attractive to clients.
  5. Revenue
    Startups have ‘innovation-funding’. Matching a client with a start up is new revenue, as a start up may well become a client in the future. Making the whole process go full circle.

For more great tips from our speakers, take a look at our other posts – or better yet – hear first-hand by joining us for dinner!

D&MOur TableCrowd members enjoyed themselves at two dinners this week covering the topics of how to get media coverage for your business and connecting established brands with startups. Journalist and founder Monty Munford spoke extensively on how to peak the interest of a journalist, whilst Jim Kite – Strategic Development Director at Starcom MediaVest Group – discussed how he encourages SMG’s big name clients to work with up-and-coming startups.

MontyDinner with journalist Monty Munford
As a writer for The Telegraph, Forbes, The Independent, Mashable etc – the list is long and extensive – Monty has a significant amount of knowledge when it comes to startups securing press coverage. Be sure to read Journalist rejects 98% of emails – Be the 2%. It’s a great insight into the bugbears of one particular journalist (that could quite easily be the case for many more) that came from Monty’s talk at dinner. With time being scarce in the media world, and the all important point of any story being ‘newsworthy’ – this dinner with Monty at Drake & Morgan at Kings Cross provided some fantastic advice to its diners to really drive forward any business’s presence in the media.

jimkiteDinner with Starcom MediaVest
It’s understandable that any new business will feel like it’s impossible to reach established brands and corporates, however over dinner at The Folly on Monday night, Jim inspired his fellow diners with his stance on why big names should be working with startups. By highlighting the positives of a startups, especially tech ones, it was clear that with the constant changes and advancements happening, particularly in tech, that a young startup is far more nimble in its ability to adapt to its surroundings than would be expected of its longer-standing counterpart. Jim had so many great tips we’ve created two blog articles that touch on elements of what he covered in his after-dinner talk, Top 5 tips for working with an Agency and 5 reasons media agencies work with startups.

Our speakers were joined by Innometrics, Keystone Law, JayKay Media,, Jackopaw, TrafficLight Solutions, rewardStyle, Buto, Rezonence, Drinki, Amondo, Per4mance Insight, Fly Marketing, MindSightUK, Crossing-The Travel Company, Bubblo, OneLane app, Friends Recommend It, WiseAlpha Technologies, PawMetrics, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and Grabr amongst others.

Special thanks to Jim and Monty for speaking at dinner.

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