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With the New Year always being a time for change and doing new things, we’re hosting dinner on that very topic on Wednesday 14th January 2014. We’ll enjoy dinner and drinks with the leading creative thinker coach and energetic Eyes Wide Opened co-founder Alastair Creamer revealing the most powerful questions to ask yourself ahead of a big career decision.

Alastair Creamer is an encouraging speaker and brilliant career coach who will get you thinking about who you are becoming if you stay in a job you don’t enjoy, and what impact is it having on the people closest to you? With over 10 years inspiring people, Alastair will be able to give you insights to what kind of work suits you, creating a more meaningful job, what’s next and making sure you’re asking yourself the right questions about your career not the wrong ones.


TableCrowd are really excited to work with Alastair on this dinner, but here are a few snippets from his previous events which give an insight into to why we don’t think you’ll want to miss out.

“This was really useful stuff – I loved the idea of a ‘good question’ being asked at the right time which can change your life and outlook on work.”   

“It was very inspirational – I am in the right job!”

“It was good brain food and food for thought. The stories Alastair used made the event really grounded in reality. Thank you.”

Whether you want new challenges in your current role, a new career or just a little inspiration from this career guru make sure you book your spot at the table. We’ll be eating at chic Southeast Asia restaurant, The Noodle House on Wednesday 14th January.

Following last week’s Be The Change Journey dinner, we spoke to the brilliant hosts Rosie Walford and Hannah Smith and they told us all about it! We’ve included a few sound bites and photos below. If you missed it, you can meet Rosie and Hannah this week (21st August) – full details here.

“the diversity of people round the table – from an aviation consultant to an aspiring mental health nurse to former banker – where else does that happen?”

“how our ‘Conversation Menu’  (everything from ‘tell me about a meaningless moment at your current work’ to ‘do you act your age?’) got people into some gritty, cool, entertaining discussions from the get-go – way better than the usual opener of ‘so what do you do?”

“people said it was brilliant and comforting to meet others who want to explore fulfillment and purpose in their work – it’s not a conversation that everyone is willing to have, yet it’s an endlessly interesting one because it involves talking about who you are, and what you care about, as well as what you do.”

“it was wonderful overhearing Graham  (one of the Journey alumni) describing how he started the journey just knowing that he wanted to bring more happiness in the world, and left the journey with a clear sense of new areas he was going to pursue – and that’s what he’s now doing.  and wonderful too seeing how engaged people were in his stories of the trip itself.”

“several people were from banking and finance and had no idea of how their experience might be relevant to development and social change – in the city, it’s a bit of a velvet rut and people can’t see beyond – to worlds like philanthropic investing, microfinance, charity lending, ethical investing. It’s pretty exciting to watch their faces as these horizons open before them.”

“the energy in the conversations, people wanted more – and were making all sorts of plans to meet and support each other afterwards.”

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Next week, we have our first Be The Change dinner, for people interested in making a career shift into more meaningful work. We wanted to find out more about one of the hosts, Rosie Walford.


What’s the elevator pitch for your business?

There are hundreds of bright and able people stuck in unsatisfying ‘velvet rut’ jobs. Meanwhile, what the world needs is more people shifting into meaningful work that makes a difference and brings them alive. 

Be the Change Journey is a life-changing eight days in India.  You visit pioneering changemakers who are blending business acumen with social purpose, witness the major entrepreneurial models for making an impact in the world and use specialised career-shift coaching to help you figure out where you can best apply you professional powers. So far, it’s been catalytic – sending people home focused and ready for meaningful work.

What were you doing before this?

 I’ve been taking groups of people up the spanish  mountains to think creatively about their lives and then make bold moves on a coaching trip called The Big Stretch for the past eleven years. At the same time I’ve been supporting leaders in large corporates to consider their ripples of influence in the wider world, and leaders of environmental campaigning organisations to be more impactful. And before any of that I was a strategic planner in a London advertising agency, where i cofounded an innovation unit. It was fascinating, but I couldn’t keep promoting cars and soap powder forever. 

Introduce your team.

We’re a remote team, living and working around the globe in a thoroughly modern way. I spend most of my time living on an island off New Zealand. My partner in crime is Richard Alderson, a serial entrepreneur who has set up an incubator in Mumbai which helps social innovators create businesses that change peoples’ lives. He connects us to hundreds of inspiring  pioneers in organisations both large and small across India. He’s also the founder of the brilliant website Careershifters here in the UK, so he knows a lot about helping people make career moves. Hannah Smith in Edinburgh reminds us to tell the world what we’re up to, and helps people navigate their path into social impact work here in the UK when they return from India. Heading up our India team, Naomi scouts out some incredible behind-the-scenes experiences  and an array of heritage hotels for us to stay in, so that whilst our journeys are challenging by day, they are truly restful at night.  

What’s your biggest ‘hindsight’ moment with the business?

It’s almost impossible to pinpoint our pathway into new, meaningful work while we’re stuck in our old career context. But when we get out and see an array of different organisations in action, some will really move us – and some won’t resonate at all. Those unique reactions are what we can draw on to clarify the cause that will get us out of bed in the mornings,  the kind of role we might play, what type of organisation and business model will fit our talents best.  

What will 2014 bring?

Growth in the expanding field of social enterprise worldwide and an ever-increasing trend towards social and environmental responsibility amongst more traditional corporates. All of which means opportunity for those seeking to make a difference through their work. (for example, almost 1 million green jobs were created in 2013 worldwide). 

1 piece of advice for someone starting a business in your sector?

Don’t expect traditional recruitment or business advisors to help you much in finding a conscious, impact career. These emerging areas of work require different patterns of thinking and searching. 

Convince someone to use your product/service in under 50 words.

When your work meets the needs of the world as you see them, it will be meaningful. When it uses your talents, it will be joyful. Discover the sweet spot between your passions, the skills you bring, and innovative funding models, and you’ll never do another day’s work. 

What’s your favourite startup in the sector (not including your own)?

Reality Tours. It takes visitors into Asia’s largest slum, using residents as the guides who explain the unexpected maze of businesses, and horrid working conditions within. Profits from these tours fund education projects and computer rooms. People see their own European waste being recycled by hand, and get a powerful, visceral sense of the interconnectedness of humanity worldwide.

What’s your favourite London restaurant?

The Three Crowns at Old Street. Imaginative, exquisite british cooking in a quietly stylish room. 

There are spaces left at next week’s dinner, where you can come and meet Rosie in person as well as other Be The Change alumni.

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