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Etape 2013

at The Prince Bonaparte, Notting Hill Gate (map)


The Prince Bonaparte

80 Chepstow Road, London, West London, UK, W2 5BE

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Am new to Tablecrowd but an avid reader of "Escape from the City" and just joined the network. I noticed other keen cyclists/ many of which are entrepreneurs. Having recently quit the "city", starting a social business and an interest in cycling (including starting to train for Etape) - I thought it would be a great excuse to get together and talk about similar interests. Happy New Year!

The Wall

Diner's Guide

Your table will be booked in the name of TableCrowd. The restaurant staff will meet & greet and show you to the table to meet the other diners.

The booking fee reserves your spot at the table and then you'll pay the bill in the usual way at the restaurant. Unless the group agrees to split the bill, everyone pays for their own food and drink (remembering to add service!).

If you can't make it, no problem, but be sure to update your RSVP to let the other diners know, however last minute.

Bring fabulous anecdotes and a smile!

Meet & Eat!