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Don't be shy, come and meet some new people!

at Chico Bandito, Old Street (map)

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Chico Bandito

74 Luke Street, London, East London, UK, EC2A 4PY

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Hi I'm Rob, I moved to London a few months ago to work with TableCrowd's team. I've booked a fun Mexican restaurant for us near Old Street tube. Fajitas/Chilli/Burgers/Burritos etc, great Mexican food for around £10 a dish. They will even lend you a big Mexican hat and a poncho to get you in the mood! If you haven't been to a TableCrowd dinner before this is a great place to start. These dinners are always friendly and make it very easy to meet other people who are new in town. So come down and say 'Hi'!

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Diner's Guide

Your table will be booked in the name of TableCrowd. The restaurant staff will meet & greet and show you to the table to meet the other diners.

Check the Crowd rules about how the bill is paid, whether everyone pays for themselves or whether the bill is split (but if it's split and you ordered lobster and champagne, expect to get out some extra notes - don't wait to be asked!)

If you can't make it, no problem, but be sure to update your RSVP to let the other diners know, however last minute.

Bring fabulous anecdotes and a smile!

Meet & Eat!