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Accountant, London



Amanda's friends

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People Amanda has dined with

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Venues Amanda has dined at

  • 91443

    BKB opened in 1999 in Soho as a contemporary bar and restaurant offering British food with an American & European influence. It is open for...

  • 18868
    Barcelona Tapas - St Botolph Street

    Barcelona II is located within a large prestigious office complex with the official address of 15 St Botolph Street although the restaurant...

  • 18862
    Barcelona Tapas Bar y Restaurante

    Barcelona Tapas Bar Y Restaurant in the City of London near Leadenhall Market and the Lloyds building is the fifth in a chain of popular...

  • 54679
    Caffé Concerto

    The Caffé Concerto brand is synonymous with luxurious surroundings, good food and excellent music, a formula that really comes in to its own...

  • 66598
    Chico Bandito

    Chico Bandito is a fun, affordable and authentic Mexican restaurant in east London located between Old Street and Shoreditch High Street...

  • 50236
    Fire and Stone

    Fire and Stone restaurant, in the heart of London’s Covent Garden, boasts that it has the biggest wood-fired oven in the northern hemisphere...

  • 75607
    Floripa London

    A hip little east London haunt tucked away on Great Eastern Street, Floripa is a vibrant Shoreditch bar and restaurant serving up wholesome...

  • 77062
    Naamyaa Cafe - Islington

    Coming Soon!

  • Thumb_nor
    Northbank Restaurant

  • Thumb_portal
    Portal Bar and Restaurant

  • Thumb_image

  • 69850
    Thai Thai

    Tucked away near Old Street station in London's East End, Thai Thai restaurant has become the dining destination de rigeur for hip...

  • Thumb_anthologist_3
    The Anthologist

  • Thumb_blue_print
    The Blueprint Cafe

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Accountant, London



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