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Souk Bazaar

27 Litchfield Street, Leicester Square, London, West End London, UK, WC2H 9NJ

Souk Bazaar

Covent Garden London_tubeLeicester Square, Covent Garden



It must be those of us who are too young to hit the hippy trail have a secret hankering to get away from it all in a kaftan. However, instead of jumping on a ferry from Southern Spain and heading for North Africa, we do it in our lunch hours and head for the nearest North African restaurant. Souk is very much like stepping into Morocco - all low seating, cushions, low lighting and vibrant colours. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening they lay on belly dancing, and there is a dj after 11pm every night except Sunday and Monday. Very Moorish if you are looking for a cheerful, cheap venue in the centre of town.

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