Doug 18 Mar at 2:11pm

Hi, director at The London School of Attraction (

Kate 18 Mar at 12:24pm

Hey Guys,

Thanks for joining this dinner. We’re going to have a lot of fun. Please arrive no later than 6.15pm for 6.30pm start. Check Google maps as people often have difficulties finding the restaurant, it’s not on the main road!

6.30pm start.
> Introductions from application dinner judge and then 1 minute elevator pitch from each business.
> Order dinner!
> Q&A with each business in turn (5-10 minutes). Everyone should get involved with this - it’s not just for the judge. It will be a lively and informal roundtable discussion to better understand each business, the stage they are at, their target market and their plans for growth.
> Finish dinner by 9pm. Drinks in the restaurant bar for those that are keen!

We will let you know on Wednesday whether your businesses is invited to join the dinner on the 27th March with Oxford Capital, Greenhill Capital Partners, Morgan Stanley Securities & Osbourne Clarke.

The business considered the best investment opportunity at the dinner on the 27th March will be invited for a meeting with Oxford Capital.

Any questions, please let me know.

Good luck!


Maya 18 Mar at 11:38am

Hi everyone, I'm the co-founder of, an online community swapmarket place. I'm looking forward to meeting you all.

Emma 18 Mar at 11:28am

Hi there, Founder & CEO of Looking forward to tomorrow!

18 Mar at 11:27am

Emma joined this table

Kate 18 Mar at 11:22am

Hey Guys, looking forward to a fun & lively dinner tomorrow night. If you haven't introduced your business on the wall, please can you do so (that means you please, Maya, Tom, Doug, Kevin!). Details to follow later today regarding the format for the evening... Kate

Damien 17 Mar at 5:40pm

Hi All, I run a tech start up that helps web sites grow using marketing, engagement and conversion optimisation ideas.

Jo 17 Mar at 12:48pm

Hi all, looking forward to my first Table Crowd. I am the founder of Leverme, we help SMEs publish invite-only referral campaigns for free. Can't wait to meet you all.

17 Mar at 7:29pm

Tom joined this table

17 Mar at 12:43pm

Jo joined this table

Kevin 16 Mar at 1:41pm

Looking forward to seeing all of you lovely people for dinner :).

16 Mar at 1:40pm

Kevin joined this table

Julian 15 Mar at 8:05am

Founder of Delighted to have been invited to join you. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Julian Fisher

17 Mar at 5:39pm

Damien joined this table

Amy 14 Mar at 8:08pm

Hi all,
I'm an American ex-pat here in London who is returning back to Los Angeles to launch a socially conscious fashion brand featuring accessories from women's cooperatives in Morocco, Kenya, and Tanzania. I'm in the very early stages, and am using this as a chance to gauge scalability and growth. Looking forward to coming out for my 3rd Start-up Engine event & meeting everyone!

Marco 14 Mar at 5:46pm

Hi, I'm founder of Styloola, a social fashion startup. It's not my first one and will not be the last (fingers crossed).

Carole 14 Mar at 4:21pm

Hi, I'm also the co-founder of I have a business background and It's now my first start up experience. I look forward to meeting you!

Bernard 14 Mar at 4:17pm

Hi All.. looking forward to this dinner. I'm a designer/animator. We're setting up an online platform for parents to organise their kids' b'day parties.

14 Mar at 4:15pm

Bernard joined this table

14 Mar at 4:14pm

Carole joined this table

Brigitte 14 Mar at 3:15pm

Hi, my name is Brigitte Maarbach. I've studied civil engineering, have 4 years experience and have also experience working as a draftsman. Currently, I'm doing a MBA course in London and would like to set up a business for design of houses and buildings.

14 Mar at 3:10pm

Brigitte joined this table

Jon 13 Mar at 4:45pm

I'm trying to lay a little ground work as I haven't been able to pitch it in 3 minutes let alone 1 minute :)

Kate 13 Mar at 4:41pm

Thanks Jon for leading the way on the intros!

Jon 13 Mar at 4:37pm

Oh, my start-up is Ginicam. We're building a revolutionary new interactive broadcasting technology that is not flash based and uses very little bandwidth. Our first proof of concept is our e-Services platform called Ginicam where people can buy and sell services and digital media in real-time globally. We're also purposing it for completely turning the Music industry on it's head and putting 85-95% of the profits back into the artists pocket.

Jon 13 Mar at 4:34pm

Looking forward to my second TableCrowd experience :) See you all there!

13 Mar at 4:32pm

Jon joined this table

13 Mar at 11:27am

Marco joined this table

Kate 13 Mar at 11:01am

Hey Guys, when you join the table, please introduce yourself and your startup on the wall. Thanks and looking forward to a really lively and fun event! Kate

13 Mar at 4:03pm

Doug joined this table

13 Mar at 3:50pm

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14 Mar at 8:00pm

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