Daniel 06 Apr at 11:30am

Hi everyone! It was really nice to meet you all! Hope to see you all soon!

Yvonne 05 Apr at 2:57pm

Hi all! Had a lovely evening and really enjoyed myself :) Rob- I think I might get in touch at some stage about starting a table

Elona 05 Apr at 1:27pm

Hi everyone! I didn't manage to join you guys yesterday. I had unexpected trip to go on and got back to London too late. Shame, I was really looking forward to come. Anyway I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and hopefully will meet you some other time.

Rob 05 Apr at 1:08pm

Hi guys , great evening and only a slight headache this morning, result! Thanks everyone for coming, hope to see you all again soon. If anyone is interested in starting their own table but needs abit of help, just send me a message! @chris no worries, next time !

Jose 05 Apr at 12:13am

I had*, sorry :-)

Jose 05 Apr at 12:12am

Hi guys,
Nice to meet you tonight, although I didn't speak much with some of you, I have a good night and I hope to meet you again soon.
Till then...........see you later, aligater ;-) .

Kim 04 Apr at 11:55pm

Hi. Great to meet you all tonight even though I ended up on the far end of the table. Hope to see you all at the next one:-)

Christopher 04 Apr at 9:33pm

hey rob, sorry for the late reply, I couldnt make it today, had something on.. but maybe next time! Hope you guys had a good night ;)

Rob 04 Apr at 7:22pm

Hi, just to let you know the restaurant is upstairs at the pub not downstairs :-)

Jose 04 Apr at 6:24pm

Sorry, I might be a bit late, 5-10 minutes, but definitely going.
See you soon, spoon ;)

Rob 04 Apr at 6:11pm

8.30 Kim ?? hehe ok, thks for letting us know. I'll be there at 7 I'm wearing a bright red hoody so everyone should be able to find me ok. If not just gv me a call on 07531 060243 . Cheers!

Kim 04 Apr at 4:59pm

I'm going to be a bit late. But I should be there by 8.30 :)

Yvonne 04 Apr at 2:35pm

Hi all, looking forward to see you later :)

04 Apr at 2:35pm

Yvonne joined this table

Rob 04 Apr at 10:18am

Thanks for joining everyone, Wendy, I've aranged 1 more seat if you want to get involved. Cheers guys, see you tonight!

Andy 03 Apr at 11:17pm

See you guys tomorrow!

03 Apr at 11:16pm

Andy joined this table

Daniel 03 Apr at 10:57pm

Hi! Looking forward to meet you tomorrow!

03 Apr at 10:56pm

Daniel joined this table

Wendy 03 Apr at 8:43pm

Aww I really wanna go :( I may have to hire a sitter ;)

Kim 03 Apr at 7:57pm

I'm gonna be in Cannon Street on Thursday for another meetup but I'll try and disappear early and pop for a very short drink :) Oh and no HotWings! Grrrr! ;)

Rob 03 Apr at 6:43pm

Hi Girls, thanks for joining!

03 Apr at 3:31pm

Eimear joined this table

Elona 02 Apr at 11:31pm

Hi everyone! This will be my first time and I am looking forward to meet everyone.

02 Apr at 11:25pm

Elona joined this table

Rob 01 Apr at 5:11pm


Jose 01 Apr at 2:15pm

Ok, but it's on Thursday, no?

Rob 01 Apr at 1:58pm

Hi Jose, normally between 5 and 8. Invites will be going out tomorow

Jose 01 Apr at 1:48pm

Hi Rob,
How many people is coming?

Rob 01 Apr at 12:46pm

Hi Jose!

29 Mar at 11:26pm

Jose joined this table

Rob 26 Mar at 6:16pm

Hey me too, can't resist tho ;)

Wendy 26 Mar at 3:22pm

I would like to come but going out on week day evenings is really bad for me :(

25 Mar at 2:42pm

Rob created this table

03 Apr at 7:55pm

Kim joined this table