Table Crowd 19 Apr at 2:50pm

Hey guys here is Jacks latest blog.

The inaugural Copywriter dinner / forum / fiesta via @JJJFlanagan

Kate 17 Apr at 10:10am

Thanks for organising this Jack. I had a great night! Looking forward to catching up again.

Jack 16 Apr at 5:35pm

Aw sorry about that Rand! No worries, we'll definitely have another. See you later Kate!

Kate 16 Apr at 5:31pm

Sorry to hear that, Rand. Next time. Looks like it's just the three of us, then, Jack. See you there.

Rand 16 Apr at 5:31pm

Hi guys sorry but I won't be able to make it tonight.

My babysitter has called in sick. Was really looking forward to it.

Hope to catch you all at another table soon.

Rand x

Kate 16 Apr at 11:38am

Thanks, Jack. Looking forward to it!

Jack 16 Apr at 7:59am

Hey guys! Looking forward to tonight! So the table's booked as TableCrowd, but if for some reason that doesn't work out: I'll be wearing a light blue shirt and dark blue tie, and my number is 07912326032. Looking forward to meeting you! Jack

Siobina 15 Apr at 9:19pm

Hi I have just joined - sounds like a great idea unfortunately a little short notice for me would love to come along next time

Jack 12 Apr at 10:52am

Sorry to hear you guys can't come! Hopefully we can do more in the future. Anyway: 4 days!!

Anupama 12 Apr at 1:43am

Thank you for the invite, Jack.. Would have loved to join - a top topic on my head these days.. Copy for my various marketing tools!
But unfortunately, I have a prior booking for Tueday night..
Hope to make it the next time..
Have fun guys!

Martina Parmar 12 Apr at 12:19am

Hi Jack sorry I cant be there this weekend am working in theatre, have a fab time enjoy M

Julie 11 Apr at 6:13pm

Thank you for the invite but I am away until end of May 2013.

Remi 11 Apr at 5:48pm

Sounds great, I'm out of the country until 1st May.

10 Apr at 7:49pm

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Paul 05 Apr at 4:31pm

Look forward to catching up - some fine copy on the menu I'm sure. Paul

Jack 05 Apr at 4:28pm

Yo guys - so I'm well excited about this! If you got any questions or whatever about the dinner, shoot me an email at, and feel free to check my blog at :) Best, Jack

05 Apr at 4:20pm

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