Table Crowd 26 Feb at 2:30pm

BLOGGED: Last night’s “Tales from the Trenches:" Startup journeys with tech entrepreneur Sokratis Papafloratos:

Table Crowd 25 Feb at 3:00pm

Hey Guys

Have fun tonight - the table is booked in the name of TABLECROWD. It's a good idea to swap mobile numbers. Please remember to tweet us a photo to @tablecrowd

24 Feb at 8:27pm

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Charlotte 24 Feb at 7:00pm

Looking forward to this dinner :-)

24 Feb at 6:53pm

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Table Crowd 24 Feb at 4:36pm

Hey Everyone.
We hope you are looking forward to tomorrow's dinner. If you are vegetarian or have any special dietary requirements, please can you email us at to let us know.
Many thanks!

Tom 18 Feb at 3:24pm

Hey. In Finance and interested in new ventures.

18 Feb at 3:22pm

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18 Feb at 2:40pm

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17 Feb at 6:00pm

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17 Feb at 5:30pm

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Shezad 17 Feb at 2:53pm

Hi, I am Shezad. Physicist by passion - number cruncher by profession.

17 Feb at 2:41pm

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13 Feb at 5:00pm

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12 Feb at 9:31am

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Kate 05 Feb at 12:23pm

Hey Alex, the start time is confirmed at 7pm, thanks for the heads up about the calendar feature, we're fixing that right now :)

05 Feb at 12:22pm

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05 Feb at 11:28am

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05 Feb at 11:19am

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Monique 05 Feb at 11:17am

Great idea. I am away for this one but will try & make the next one. Monique

Alex 05 Feb at 11:15am

Hi Kate - thanks for setting this up. Can I confirm the start time? Invite says 7pm but calendar says 6pm start...

05 Feb at 11:08am

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