Dan 28 Apr at 4:05pm

Hi Everyone!

A belated thank you for the night which I really enjoyed and will happily do another tablecrowd again. I turned up late and failed to rotate fully so if anyone would like to get in touch my email is dan@benchify.com Benchify does OKR style performance feedback, benchmarking surveying and peer coaching - often all at the same time!

Sabrina: Thanks for the article link. Interesting!

Dan :-)

Sabrina 25 Apr at 5:30pm

As a first time Table Crowd goer,
I had a great evening and really enjoyed the lively discussion and debate, thanks everyone! Actually came across a very pertinent article regarding our discussion around Airbnb and the commercial aspect of sharing economies:


"These upstarts are only the enemy of old industries if those industries fail to evolve."

Prashant 25 Apr at 4:44pm

Hi All.
Good night at the Green. Apologies for not saying goodbye to you all. I went downstairs for a while and when I came back up everyone was gone.
Anyway, hope to see you all again soon.

Nick 25 Apr at 9:36am

My first @toblecrowd event and it was fantastic. Great company, good food and a great speaker ( I had to say that last part ).

I hope to meet a few of you again at future events.

Rachel 25 Apr at 9:30am

Ditto what Raj said. Sorry I had to dash early! For those I didn't get to meet, I write for Management Today. Message me at rachel.savage@haymarket.com if you want to get in touch

Raj 24 Apr at 11:46pm

Great event Kate, thanks to all for a super evening

Kate 24 Apr at 11:21am

Looking forward to seeing everyone at 7pm. We're dining upstairs. Last call for any special dietary requirements if you haven't let me know already. See you later! My number is 07977 236617. Kate

Milyausha 24 Apr at 10:59am

Hi, I'm a product design student. Mine current project is Collaborative consumption.

24 Apr at 10:57am

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Emma 21 Apr at 10:17pm

Hey there!
My name is Emma Ă–hrwall and I'm one off the members that will arrange the Global Sharing Day in Gothenburg, Sweden. I'm also writing my Bachelor Thesis about the driving forces behind Sharing Economy. In the future I would love to build my own start-up. Will be lovely to meet you on Thursday. What a great timing that you meet the same week I visit London. See you!

21 Apr at 10:08pm

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Eleanor 21 Apr at 10:47am

Hello Fellow TableCrowd members, looking forward to learning and sharing from you all. Elle

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Kate 09 Apr at 5:18pm

It's the 24th, sorry for the confusion, please ignore that notice. I'm off to slap a developer's wrist!

Seb 09 Apr at 4:11pm

Is it on the 24th or tonight? Can't be both...

Table Crowd 09 Apr at 4:00pm

Hey Guys

Have fun tonight - the table is booked in the name of TABLECROWD. It's a good idea to swap mobile numbers. Please remember to tweet us a photo to @tablecrowd

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