David 08 Apr at 3:51pm

I may as well follow the (table) crowd - nice to meet those I spoke to - and nice to have dinner with those I didn't. If you have an iPhone and host/attend meetings - they give www.lowdownapp.co a try - its free for 30 days (some won't pay after the free period - you know who you are) :-) some may :-) call me if you want a free extension. D.

Mi Yun 08 Apr at 3:45pm

Hi everyone! It was nice to meet you all! Let's keep in touch!
company web: http://www.stepup.io
company blog: http://blog.stepup.io/
twitter: @stepupio facebook: Stepup.io

Matt 08 Apr at 2:54pm

Hey all,
Great meeting some of you last night - had a blast!
For those I didn't get the chance to meet, hopefully we can another time.
If anyone wants to link up, you can find me on twitter @mattpolls, linkedin : uk.linkedin.com/in/mattpolls/ , and the company website http://www.weare5k.com.

Kate 08 Apr at 9:32am

Great to see / meet everyone last night! Thanks for all being part of it. Here are a few photos: http://www.tablecrowd.com/blog/2014/04/tom-maddocks-journalists-startup - see you again soon :)

Katherine 07 Apr at 11:08pm

Brilliant event - not often I get to meet lots of inspiring people in one go! I'm on Twitter (@khowbrook) and LinkedIn if anyone wants to talk about all things PR. My email is katherinehowbrook@hotmail.com

Alice 07 Apr at 10:31pm

Hi, it was a great event, thanks as usual Kate! And as usual simply too many interesting people to get to know in an evening, so please connect on LinkedIn or reach out on Twitter @alicebonasio also, my email is alice.bonasio@mendeley.com

Paul 07 Apr at 4:09pm

Hi I am Paul. I am the founder of a startup platform www.dreamstake.net. We want to identify the best tech startups emerging in Europe. I am really looking forward to the event and can be contacted on 07810 155810 or @dreamstake, Paul

Table Crowd 07 Apr at 4:00pm

Hey Guys

Have fun tonight - the table is booked in the name of TABLECROWD. It's a good idea to swap mobile numbers. Please remember to tweet us a photo to @tablecrowd

Kate 07 Apr at 10:03am

See you all this evening! The nearest tube is Old Street and we're dining downstairs. My number is 07977 236617 if you need to reach me. If you're vegetarian, please let me know on here (on the wall, or send me a message). And finally, if you haven't added your photo, or occupation, please take a moment to do so, so everyone knows who they are meeting. Looking forward to it! Kate

07 Apr at 9:17am

Paul joined this table

Paul 06 Apr at 7:41pm

Let me know if places become available:)

06 Apr at 12:37pm

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Alec 24 Mar at 11:31am

Look forward to meeting you all at the dinner!

24 Mar at 11:24am

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Rutger 19 Mar at 12:18pm

Hi, I'm looking forward to understand how I can get attention from journalists for www.storyterrace.com, which helps customers capture personal stories..

19 Mar at 12:15pm

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Jana 19 Mar at 9:42am

I am new to Table Crowd, was recommended to check it out last night. This is a fantastic table and I am gutted I cannot join it. Would absolutely love an opportunity to dine together in May and get some advice for www.ladieswhoimpress.com

14 Mar at 3:07pm

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Mi Yun 14 Mar at 3:05pm

Hi, I am Miyun, working for StepUp.io. I'd love to meet many interesting people, who are in media communications. I am very looking forward to see all!

14 Mar at 2:55pm

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Duncan 13 Mar at 10:35pm

Looking forward to loosing my table crowd cherry and meeting some interesting folks :-)

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Makoto 12 Mar at 5:08pm

Nice to meet you everyone. This is my second table crowd dinner. I had an excellent time at the last dinner, and looking forward to meeting you all.

Just a bit of plug, my company , http://www.stepup.io, provides an simple online video editor tool to let you cut YouTube videos into bite sized chunk so it becomes easier to share. This tool can be a good video curation tool for journalists, so I wrote a blog post called "Snowden’s SXSW appearance condensed into 10 most-tweetable minutes"


Would love your feedback.



12 Mar at 5:00pm

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Katherine 12 Mar at 1:35pm

PR manager - starting to think about ideas to break out of the office!

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