Kate 28 May at 6:44pm

I forgot to mention that we're dining upstairs, so come on up!

Kate 28 May at 3:25pm

Hi Susanna, sorry to hear that but have a great time in NY! Let me know if someone will come in your place. My number if anyone needs to reach me later is 07977 236617. See you soon. Kate

Table Crowd 28 May at 3:00pm

Hey Guys

Have fun tonight - the table is booked in the name of TABLECROWD. It's a good idea to swap mobile numbers. Please remember to tweet us a photo to @tablecrowd

Susanna 28 May at 2:23pm

HI all, I am no longer able to attend as I have been sent to NY for work this week - If anyone has a friend who would like to use my spot, please let me know. Thanks.

27 May at 7:21pm

Lara joined this table

26 May at 10:33pm

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Richard 21 May at 4:27pm

Hi everyone - looking forward to meeting you all, and sharing stories of social enterprise startup life! I currently split my time between helping Impact Hub Westminster deliver educational programmes that support the growth of social entrepreneurs, and running my own tours and events that inspire more people to get started in Social Enterprise. More on www.inspiringadventures.co.uk - see you soon!

21 May at 3:37pm

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14 May at 9:34pm

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14 May at 6:38pm

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Verity 12 May at 6:00pm

Hi Everyone, I've just arrived and am keen to understand the local landscape for social enterprises. Looking forward to meeting you all

12 May at 5:57pm

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12 May at 12:39pm

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12 May at 9:30am

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09 May at 5:24pm

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Faith 06 May at 8:20pm

Looking forward to meeting others in the social enterprise startup scene

06 May at 8:19pm

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