25 Nov at 5:44pm

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Table Crowd 25 Nov at 3:00pm

Have fun tonight - ask for TABLECROWD when you arrive and please tweet @tablecrowd to tell us how it's going #MeetandEat

Elka 24 Nov at 3:45pm

Hi, I launched thirtyfourpointfour.com in September the only Skincare Company that's a CIC (as far as I know) :) I'm interested in the mindset of profit for sharing as opposed to profit for self

24 Nov at 3:42pm

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Makoto 19 Nov at 2:39pm

Hello. I am in the middle of exploring the idea of applying shared economy into childcare. Love to talk to anyone who are interested in the area (or any parents who have opinions about childcare in general).

19 Nov at 1:16pm

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Matthew 19 Nov at 11:18am

Hi, my name's Matthew. I am a co-founder of *particular - a law firm that specialises in commercialisation and innovation, partnered with Ignite 100 and based in Newcastle and London. We have a few clients operation in the sharing economy and I'd like to learn more about the issues they face from others who face the same challenges.

19 Nov at 11:15am

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Prashant 10 Nov at 2:54pm

Hi All, I'm Prash, founder of Localoids. We're building an international social network for travellers and locals to share local insights, language, skills and knowledge.
Very interested to speak to other sharing economy people.

10 Nov at 2:50pm

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Ele 31 Oct at 12:18pm

Hi there!

I'm Elena (or Ele) and I've just started my PhD at the LSE studying the Sharing Economy. I'm fascinated by these new practices and always excited to hear more about them and meet more people who are interested in, engaging in or building these new initiatives.

Looking forward to the dinner!

31 Oct at 12:17pm

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Damian 24 Oct at 5:13pm

ChloƩ! Sneaky! Ofcourse I'm going to join this one! I know quite a few other sharing economy startups that would be keen. Shall send them this way! See you then :)

24 Oct at 4:42pm

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