Giles 24 Feb at 11:30pm

Hey James,
A good evening and good to meet my fellow diners. Hope to catch up soon. Oh , and by the way I got my ruck sack back. Thanks! :)
Giles Adu
Co Founder
ClearMacro -

Table Crowd 24 Feb at 10:26pm

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoyed! Please can the owner of the forgotten rucksack give the restaurant a call tomorrow to collect :)

Giles 24 Feb at 6:05pm

Hi Giles Adu,
Co Founder of ClearMacro - a soon to launch global asset allocation platform

24 Feb at 3:47pm

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Table Crowd 24 Feb at 2:47pm

Have fun tonight - ask for TABLECROWD when you arrive and please tweet @tablecrowd to tell us how it's going #MeetandEat

Abraham 24 Feb at 11:55am

Hi all, My name is Abraham (python developer/ data science engineer). Looking to Network.

24 Feb at 11:53am

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Imran 04 Feb at 11:53am

Hi, I'm Imran. Work in FinTech PR and always interested to hear the latest developments. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

04 Feb at 11:51am

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James 27 Jan at 6:37pm

Hi, I am an online retailer, specialising in insurance. I'll be launching my new brand Worry+Peace before Spring. I've 10yrs experience and I am a member of the Post Magazine Digital Advisory Board within the insurance sector. I'll be a panelist at the upcoming Digital Strategies conference for insurance. I've been working for myself for 5.5 yrs and have callous on my brain cells. @JamesJWYork

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