Table Crowd 17 Feb at 2:46pm

Have fun tonight - ask for TABLECROWD when you arrive and please tweet @tablecrowd to tell us how it's going #MeetandEat

17 Feb at 8:20am

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Antonella 11 Feb at 7:17pm

Thanks Carrie! Looking forward to meeting the merry band :)

Carrie 11 Feb at 5:58pm

Hi Shakira - i wanted to message you directly but couldn't find you! - please message me - Carrie - and I'll reply! thanks

Carrie 11 Feb at 5:57pm

Welcome Antonella - glad to hear you're joining our merry band!

11 Feb at 1:28pm

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Shakira 03 Feb at 4:24pm

I was hoping you'd say that! :-)

Clare 03 Feb at 4:20pm

I will bring some with me :)

Shakira 03 Feb at 3:38pm

What a fab story Clare - looking forward to trying your popcorn at some stage. Esp my favourite - sweet and salt!

Clare 03 Feb at 3:22pm

Hi Ladies, looking forward to meeting you all too! The name kind of gives it away but we make popcorn! Started popping at farmers' markets and food festivals and now sell to Selfridges, local Co-ops, Daylesford Organic, Giraffe Kiosk, Natural Kitchen etc. Urgently need to raise some cash to finance our growth into national retailers this year so hoping to pick up some good tips on 17th! See you there!

02 Feb at 10:25pm

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Carrie 02 Feb at 10:39am

Hi I'm Carrie, the co-founder and MD of Mr Glue Stories - personalised interactive stories for kids - looking forward to meeting you all on 17th.

02 Feb at 10:37am

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Lizzie 27 Jan at 9:12am

Hi Shakira, good to hear from you! It's going to be in Haringey - most likely Wood Green. Setting up a freelancer meet group as well, and if location is convenient for you would be great if you came along? Let me know if you'd like more details - maybe tweet me (@lizziebroom)? Looking forward to meeting you on the 17th!

Shakira 27 Jan at 9:03am

As a North Londoner, I'm glad to hear you're setting up a coworking space Lizzie! Which area?

Lizzie 26 Jan at 9:48pm

Hi all...looking forward to meeting you on the 17th. I'm setting up a coworking space in North London this year, and very interested to hear your stories.

26 Jan at 9:46pm

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Emily 15 Jan at 11:21am

Hi, looking forward to meeting you all. I'm launching a social network for parents to share real advice and build real friendships. Interested to hear all of your startup stories. See you there!

15 Jan at 11:18am

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14 Jan at 5:58pm

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Sarvi 14 Jan at 3:59pm

Really looking forward to meeting everyone! A bit about me, a Londoner all my life, general surgeon, mum, and more recently loving the roller coaster ride of startups! I've founded looking for a full-time business partner/COO with a view to raise in 2015!

14 Jan at 12:11pm

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Shakira 14 Jan at 11:53am

Hi everyone, looking forward to this event. Bit of background on myself - I left a career in investment management to pursue (indulge?) a passion for wine and tech. I'm the founder of Grapeful, a free app that helps you pair wine with food, and I'm also in the process of launching Grapeful Gather, an online marketplace for wine tastings in the UK.

14 Jan at 11:17am

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