Table Crowd 25 Feb at 2:46pm

Have fun tonight - ask for TABLECROWD when you arrive and please tweet @tablecrowd to tell us how it's going #MeetandEat

24 Feb at 6:26pm

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Marie 24 Feb at 2:35pm

Hey! I'm low FODMAP but mainly wheat and dairy free is thats possible... it looks like there are things i can have anyway but wheat and dairy free would be great :) Thank you and looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow :)

23 Feb at 3:10pm

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23 Feb at 11:22am

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19 Feb at 1:04pm

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19 Feb at 11:08am

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Arti 18 Feb at 4:00pm

Great, thanks Kerry I will do that and get my sisters to do that too. Thanks for your help.

Kerry 18 Feb at 1:43pm

Hi Arti - of course we can cater for vegan requirements. We are in the midst of finalising the menu with Bumpkin and will update the description above as soon as it is confirmed. Make sure you include your dietary requirements on your profile so that we are aware of them.

Best regards


18 Feb at 11:38am

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17 Feb at 3:17pm

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Arti 17 Feb at 11:46am

Hi there! I'd really love to come along to this event with my two sisters. However we are all vegan and having had a look the Bumpkin's menu online there aren't any vegan options :( is there any chance that we can join the table for drinks only or will there options to meet individual dietary requirements? Warmest regards, Arti :)

Sarah 16 Feb at 10:48am

Looking forward to meeting everyone who is an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle and bringing great brands to the marketplace. Best, Sarah

15 Feb at 10:06am

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12 Feb at 9:55am

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Jenny 06 Feb at 2:08pm

Looking forward to meeting everyone

06 Feb at 2:06pm

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Suzanne 28 Jan at 1:56pm

Hello! I am Suzanne, founder of YAWLondon. We are an employee wellness company that brings the benefits of yoga to the work place. I personally am a big time healthy eating foodie, so would love to join you for dinner! It is a lifestyle and it works! :) look forward to meeting you in person!

26 Jan at 10:16am

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