P 13 Aug at 12:41pm

Thanks Ross for sharing your business growth dates with us. It was definitely a very informative evening and a great location for an evening meal. Also learnt alot about eating plaice and ironically was put in my place from Ross on what to focus on*. It was really enjoyable and a good networking event. Remain to get stuff moving. Email: psegal9@gmail.com Regards, P I *

Sarah 13 Aug at 12:00pm

THANK YOU so much Ross for sharing your insight and inspiring success story with us. It was a fantastic summer evening that I sincerely enjoyed and know that everyone in attendance did too. Many thanks to TableCrowd and to all who were there last night! If anyone has questions about Growth Hacking and Customer Acquisition strategies, please do contact me, our team loves helping companies grow and prosper. Feel free to email me at: sarah@mangostormmedia.com

Richard 13 Aug at 9:49am

Hi guys,
great to meet last night - lots of interesting stories.
I have a crowd in Belfast & I'm thinking of having a table in November and making a weekend of ithttp://www.tablecrowd.com/crowds/startup-factory - you will also get free accomodation! give me a shout if you are interested.
& check out www.pulsatedate.com

Table Crowd 12 Aug at 3:45pm

Have fun tonight - ask for TABLECROWD when you arrive and please tweet @tablecrowd to tell us how it's going #MeetandEat

Ross 12 Aug at 10:49am

I look forward to meeting you guys this evening. My details at http://www.rosswilliams.com and business is http://www.venntro.com - will be sharing some of my story this evening and looking forward to answering questions you may have!!

10 Aug at 12:00pm

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Luke 10 Aug at 11:58am

Looking forward to hearing Ross speak on Wednesday, and to meeting everyone over a great dinner, Luke

10 Aug at 11:57am

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Lisa 22 Jul at 10:29pm


I'm Lisa Davies and I'm a Business Fertility Expert.

I aiming in the near future to support clients in ecommerce and have been dabbling at the small scale side for a little over 18 months so I'm very much looking forward to this dinner.


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