Joel 08 May at 5:23pm

All done - Maria is now Joel.
Extremely sad I cant make it as it looks set to be a great evening.

Maria 08 May at 5:08pm

Yes, please. Please DM me and I would be happy to transfer you the ticket price.

Joel 08 May at 5:06pm

Hi Maria - Im struggling to make it if you are still able to come?

Table Crowd 08 May at 2:45pm

Have fun tonight - ask for TABLECROWD when you arrive and please tweet @tablecrowd to tell us how it's going #MeetandEat

Maria 08 May at 11:19am

Hi all, I'm on the wait list for tonight so if anyone cannot make it for any reason, I'd be happy to fill in. Thanks

Asima 07 May at 3:04pm

Hi, Just a quick message to say that our Co-founder - Wesley Rashid will be attending in my place. Have a great evening ALL, Best Asima

05 May at 8:41pm

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Christopher 01 May at 2:54pm

Look forward to seeing everyone there.

01 May at 2:53pm

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