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Building your online presence & securing media coverage with Ruth Barnett, VP of Global Comms at SwiftKey

at Apulia, Smithfields (map)

Who's coming

  • Host

    Hostess Extraordinaire!, TableCrowd

  • Ruth

    --, SwiftKey

  • Luke

    Director of Marketing

  • Leigh

    Founder, Hello HR

  • Aga

    events&office manager, Jimmy's Pop-up

  • Brian

    Partner, Bill+Mar

  • James

    Founder, Tom Savano Cocktails

  • Will

    Head of Business Technology, CCgroup

  • Elka

    Actor and Founder of Natural Skincare Brand, 34.4

  • Vinod


  • Bethany

    Programme Manager, Hotwire PR

  • Elle

    Marketing Lead, Script

  • Jose Luis

    Marketing Assistant, ETAOI Systems



50 Long Lane, London, United Kingdom, EC1A 9EJ

Started by:

Meet like-minded people over a great meal and dine with Ruth Barnett from SwiftKey. Formerly a political & tech journalist at Sky News and many moons ago, media's first 'Twitter Correspondent’, Ruth now looks after global comms and all media coverage at SwiftKey.

SwiftKey's mission is to make it easy for everyone to create and communicate on mobile. It uses AI to understand the context of what you're writing to accurately predict your next word. SwiftKey has been named one of the top 10 most innovative mobile companies in the world by Fast Company and is currently ranked Wired's No 1 hottest startup in London. SwiftKey Keyboard has been No 1 on Google Play in more than 58 countries and thanks to strategic partnerships, their technology features on more than 200 million devices worldwide. They recently launched SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone & iPad, which went to No 1 in the US & UK and hit 1m downloads on its first day.

They also have a substantial emphasis on genuine consumer engagement. Their forum, known as the VIP Community, has more than 100,000 members and our YouTube channel exceeds 12 million views. They have won coverage across the mainstream and technology press, including the BBC, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Guardian, Telegraph, TechCrunch, Forbes, Sky News, Stylist, Recode, Engadget - and cult web comic XKCD.

This dinner is for people interested in learning more about building their online presence and securing media coverage.

The cost is £37 which includes private dining experience and speaker, 2 course dinner with wine and highly curated networking.

On the menu:


Mixed starter plates

-Amor pepato Black peppered capocollo & pancetta cured meats with carasau bread ;
-Bruschetta vecchia bari with tomatoes,pecorino cheese, sicilian anchovies ,oregan ;
-Buffalo mozzarella with rocket and cherry tomatoes ;


Mains to choose from:

-Porchetta di Ariccia home made typical artisan pork roast served with polenta chips & gorgonzola sauce;
-Tagliatella al bianco d’anatra Fresh eggs pasta with white duck ragout ;
-Spaghetti rucola e burrata Fresh pasta with rocket,cherry tomatoes and fresh burrata (creamy mozzarella) ;
-Zuppa rustica italian minestrone with chickpeas and mushrooms;
-Spaghetti ai gamberi fresh spaghetti with king prawns,basil pesto,lemon peel,pistachios


Wine, beer and soft drinks



Proud to partner with Rackspace.

P.S. We're offering complimentary cab rides home (£15) thanks to our partner, Get Taxi! on first download of the app. Details on the night.

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