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Your strategy, tech & purpose: What’s the next step for you & your business?

at Piccolino, Shoreditch/ City (map)

Who's coming

  • Guy Rory

    Digital & Innovation Strategist

  • Profile_claire_host_photo

    TableCrowd: COO and Chief Host, TableCrowd

  • Profile_xn_fh7jd Julia

    Founder, a dating app in development

  • Profile_3 Matt

    Managing Partner, Mower/Valdemarin



11 Exchange Square, Broadgate, EC2A 2BR


Started by:

Do you have a great idea? Have you made in-roads into starting something new? Have you taken the plunge and now feel a bit unsure about what to do next? Have you built something but aren’t achieving the growth you hoped for? You aren’t alone :)

If any of these points resinate with you, please join us for dinner, drinks & a chance to meet fellow entrepreneurs & professionals, followed by an after-dinner talk and informal Q&A with Matt Mower. Matt helps people with true passion for their idea, develop strategy, define purpose and build the right technology. Matt’s expertise sits at the point where strategy, business and technology meet and he’s helped countless businesses overcome the challenges that have restricted their growth or ‘next steps’.

A CTO by trade, he brings his own experiences with technology to the table, together with years of experience of working with and supporting startups, most recently at Activate Capital, where he's co-founding partner and MassChallenge where he is a mentor.

Matt will shape his after dinner talk around the current challenges faced by diners at their respective stages. But don’t worry, you’ll only be asked to share if you’re comfortable doing so. Take this chance to call on Matt's experiences to guide your own strategy.

Price includes private dining experience with after dinner speaker, 2 course dinner with wine and highly curated and relevant networking.


P.S. TableCrowd are offering complimentary cab rides home (£15) thanks to their partner, Gett (Get Taxi!) on first download of the app. Details on the night.

About Matt: "Anyone with passion, a clear strategy, and smart technology can amaze themselves, transform their businesses, and change the world. If you have the first, my expertise can help you do the rest.

At one time or another, even the most visionary executives find themselves with problems like these: :

- You want to grow but you're not 100% sure what that means or where you are going
- You can't get people aligned around what needs to be done, growth is too slow, and you don't learn what doesn't work fast enough
- Costs keep scaling with revenues, you keep working harder but don't make enough profit
- Prospects and customers aren't queueing up, so sales & marketing feels like hard work and is expensive
- Your products don't have the breadth or depth to carry the business to the next growth target
- You're paying too much for technology that isn't what customers want or is buggy and hard to support, limiting your ability to scale up or out

My passion is to to help business leaders to conquer these kinds of problems and navigate through what can feel like a blind alleys. In fact, these paths are most often where business, technology and strategy meet.

Through tried and tested processes, I can help your business operate more strategically, to develop the clear sense of mission & purpose that will bring your organisation with you, to build a compelling value proposition as part of a profitable business model, and to develop a strategy to integrate business & technology to deliver for you, your customers, and the wider world.

If you want to make a difference, care passionately about business and technology, and are facing a growth challenge, then I would like to speak with you."

For any dietary requirements, including vegetarians, please ensure you have completed your dietary needs in your profile.

Delicious 2 course dinner with wine.

PANE DELLA CASA | Fresh house baked Tuscan & rosemary focaccia breads to share (v)


PANE ALL’AGLIO | Garlic bread, tomato & basil (v)

MINESTRONE ALLA GENOVESE | Spring vegetables, tomato & ditalini pasta, basil pesto (n) (v)

BRUSCHETTA CON FAVE E ‘NDUJA | Broad beans & spicy Italian sausage, toasted ciabatta (v)

CALAMARI FRITTI | Fried calamari, roast garlic mayonnaise & lemon

GAMBERONI | King prawns, chilli & lemon, toasted ciabatta

RISOTTO FUNGHI | Mushrooms, truffle oil & cheese wafer (v)

INSALATA DI CESARE | Gem lettuce, chicken, crispy pancetta & Parmesan


INSALATA PESCHE E PROSCIUTTO | Roast balsamic peaches, Parma ham, buffalo mozzarella & pine nuts (n)

FUSILLI PUTTANESCA CON POLLO | Chicken, tomato, chilli,

LINGUINE AI GAMBERETTI | King prawns, courgette & chilli, anchovies & capers

RAVIOLI DI SPINACHI E RICOTTA | Spinach, ricotta, butter, Parmesan & toasted almonds (n)

PIZZA PICCANTE | Spicy Calabrian sausage, roast red pepper, tomato & mozzarella

BRANZINO | Sea bass, potatoes, black olives & capers

POLLO MILANESE | Chicken breast, Parmesan & rosemary breadcrumb, buffalo mozzarella, spaghetti pomodoro

This dinner is hosted by one of TableCrowd's wonderful hosts. She'll be looking after you on the night.

For any advance questions about this dinner, it is best to reach us at

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