Triptease and #Uganda600 dinners #AfterDinnerRoundup

This week saw Alasdair Snow, the co-founder of Triptease speak at our travel startups dinner and The Grow Movement host their #Uganda600 dinner. Here’s what went on:

TripteaseTravel Startups: Dine with Alasdair Snow, co-founder of Triptease
Alasdair joined a great crowd of travel industry people at Tom’s Kitchen, St Katharine Docks on Tuesday evening. There was a great atmosphere as some of the guests were already well-aquainted with each other; there was even a reunion between three men who all went to university in Kuala Lumpur and hadn’t seen each other in four years! TableCrowd are happy to have inadvertently facilitated such a reunion!

Starting a company, you have a vision for success, but before you know it, you’ve been working day and night, the market is not where you thought it would be, and you are running out of cash.

Alasdair spoke passionately about the travel industry and building a business, acknowledging that the highs and lows never stop, that the first 18 months of Triptease were a really intense struggle, and how amazed he is at the number of decisions he makes on a daily basis that are based purely on gut reaction. Sounds like every founders dream and nightmare, rolled into one!

ugandaThe start of #Uganda600
Grow Movement’s dinner for their volunteers for #Uganda600 was described by our host as “A big night with big characters, and a lot to talk about!” Claire Jenkins, the CEO of Grow Movement, hosted the dinner which was buzzing from start to finish. The entire group agreed to arrange a monthly get together to keep connected and updated during this busy time for the programme. TableCrowd HQ were impressed with the lengths people went to in order to attend the dinner, with one diner coming all the way from Russia to join in!

Our speakers were joined by: Groupon Getaways, TUI Travel, Localoids, Much Better Adventures, UnderTheDoormat, Tripbod, TripAdvisor, Tripster, Bobs SSG, Esplorio, Travelclinic2you, SLV, Climate Change Capital, Ernst & Young, PwC, Amazon UK, Akebia Consulting Ltd, Informa, BDP LLP, Global Impact Training, Experian, KPMG and CDC Group amongst others.

Take a look at what other TableCrowd dinners are in the pipeline, right here.

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