#BusinessSpotlight on Alex Price of 93Digital

DSC_1684CAlex Price is a seasoned TableCrowd member, who first joined us back in May last year when Tony Wollenberg, founder of City Index spoke after dinner. As a regular diner at TableCrowd, we’re pleased to have caught up with him earlier this year to put the spotlight on his business 93Digital. If you want to meet up with Alex, you can join him for dinner tomorrow, where Simon Schnieders will be talking all things SEO. In the mean time, here’s what Alex had to say about his business.

What’s the elevator pitch for your business?
We’re a niche digital agency that works exclusively with one technology – WordPress. WordPress now powers over 25% of the entire internet (including the TableCrowd blog!) and we specialise in delivering complex WordPress design and build projects for large clients.

What were you doing before you launched your company?
I was still studying. I had my first clients as a freelance web designer, developer and digital marketer when I was 15, so I had a bit of a head start! When I was 20 everything was going so well that I decided to drop out of university at King’s College London and founded the ‘agency’. It was still just me for a year or so after that, but after a few big client wins I took the plunge, opened our first office and started to grow the team. In just over 1 year we went from just myself to a team of 8 people, having to move into a bigger office along the way.

If you have co-founders, where did you meet them?
I’m the sole founder. Sadly! I say this jokingly – I count myself very lucky to still own 100% of my business, but every now and then wish I had someone to share in the lows of running a business with me!

What’s your biggest ‘lightbulb’ moment?
I realised after I dropped out of university that there are a hell of a lot of opportunities out there without needing a degree. I don’t regret going for the one year that I did, but it’s hammered into us from a young age that without a degree we have no future. This couldn’t be more untrue, particularly in digital. No client has ever asked me about my education, ever. I would never encourage someone not to go to university, but I would definitely urge them to consider all of their options before committing to years more education as well as the large costs involved these days.

What will the rest of 2016 bring?
The list of clients we’re working with is becoming ever more exciting and we’ve recently added a few new team members to 93digital. We have plans for a SaaS product related to WordPress as well, so 2016 looks set to bring more growth on all fronts.

One piece of advice for someone starting a business in your sector?
Put the customer first. We operate in a very competitive service industry – we know we’re great at what we do when it comes to web design and WordPress development, but unless we have happy clients none of that matters. Client satisfaction is key!

Screenshot 2016-08-02 14.06.38Convince someone to use your product/service in under 50 words.
If you’re looking for a WordPress site, we will deliver it to a higher standard than anyone else. Speed, security, SEO – we consider everything and produce our websites focused on results – our goal is to understand our clients ambitions and help them achieve them.

What’s your favourite startup in your sector (not including your own)?
WP Engine – they are the best when it comes to WordPress hosting and have grown explosively, having raised nearly $40m in funding over the last few years.

What’s your favourite London restaurant?
Boopshi’s in Fitzrovia is my favourite hidden gem – the best schnitzel in London!

What’s your favourite meal?
A good Carbonara is always a winner for me.

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