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About Us

Lean in for our story!

Welcome to TableCrowd. We believe that networks are vital for success and that there is no better way to build them than over food!

Co-founder Kate Jackson used to be a City lawyer, working for clients ranging from startups to multinational corporations – always having a particular passion for the former. Many moons ago, after much scheming and planning with her co-founders, they all escaped the City. Kate left the courts and suits behind and her partners left trading the financial markets behind and together they launched their first tech & events business.

The team believe that networks are vital for success and that there is no better way to build them than over food. With this as the driving force, the team set out to combine “food & thoughts” and TableCrowd was born.

TableCrowd organises intimate social networking dinners, tailored to different business themes, where individuals can connect and engage with high-calibre, like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs in a deep and meaningful manner.

We pride ourselves on providing highly curated dinners with themes and speakers that are fresh and original. We are passionate about our dinners having an impact for our community – after all it’s our raison d’etre! From across the dinner table, partnerships have been formed, new clients have been engaged, teams have been grown and new business opportunities have been discovered.

TableCrowd is still a very young company but it is growing fast. Week on week there will be more dinners for you to join with a growing range of themes, speakers and locations. But if you don't see what you want, please tell get in touch!

We measure our success on your experiences, which is why we welcome your comments and feedback. We ‘re still regulars at our dinners, so come and meet us or you can reach us at or @tablecrowd.

Break bread, share experiences, ideas and contacts. Let’s #MeetandEat

What to expect at dinner?

Kate Jackson

Co-founder & CEO

"People sharing food has always been associated with peace, family and community, as well as many festivals (religious or otherwise) being based around it, which means people are total at ease meeting this way." - Kate Jackson, Co-Founder & CEO

"People now use and rely on networking online to maintain and form relationships to help them progress in business. But they want more! They want ‘real’ offline connections." - Rob Liddiard, Marketing Guru at TableCrowd